Thursday, January 26, 2006

We have had the hardest time getting our crap packed. We just can’t get motivated and I know that it will bite us in the butt. A manager at work gave me about 15 boxes and I will pack our videos and DVD’s tonight while watching CSI. My parents signed papers yesterday and get the keys tomorrow. They will start moving their stuff into their new garage. The pictures of the new house are here and I think I managed to get the worst shots possible. The pictures do not do the house justice at all. Last night would have been the perfect night to get something done because of our tv schedule. Jeff has been falling asleep in front of the TV every night and for some reason in makes me really mad.

Emma was sent home yesterday because she “throwed up” That kid loves to puke. Alyssa has thrown up twice in 8 ½ years. Emma has thrown up 345 times in 5 years.


I have to take a picture of the girls’ fairy garden. The grass seed has gone crazy and the grasss lifted up the fairy house. We need to buy a teeny tiny goat to eat it.

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