Saturday, January 7, 2006

I am a teepee and a wigwam

That's right, I am too tense. I have so much coming up in this next 4 months. This week my mom and dad are gone on a cruise, next week Jeff is gone for a week for a convention in Reno. After that we will be packing like a fiend. Then it is Emma's birthday which I will most likely have at Chucks house of Cheese. My favorite place in the world. Then packing and moving and packing and moving. Then we leave to go cross country in April to East Texas will most likely be a treat for us after all of this stress. STRESS. Yucky gooey, messy stress. I will take Abbe's advice and chart everything out. I work well with deadlines. Anyone who wants to help us move, please come on over. There will be goodies and pony rides for the kiddies. Unfortunately, I don't have too many readers in Vegas. Elizabeth??? Wanna make am easy buck?

Nicole is helping us paint the new house and Jeff has friends from work that will help us move and Abbe will be there to tell us where we should place everything. She moves her furniture around every other week and is a design diva. It always looks better!

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