Wednesday, January 18, 2006

fairy house

Day 3. I have had so much bonding time with my two girls in the last two weeks that I have to detach them to go to the bathroom. The girls and I have been a trio pretty much since last Saturday when my parents left for their cruise. I took the girls from the airport to the movies. We saw Chronicles of Narnia then we went to the library to check out Narnia books. On Sunday we went to Dim Sum and talked about Grandma. This week Jeff is gone and we are like glue.

Day 1(Monday) picked up the girls from Grandma's. There was no school because of MLK day. We went home and made a fairy garden with grass seed and beans.Intense mother daughter time.

Day 2(Tuesday) I took the girls to dinner at Pick Up Stix and then we went to see P Potter and the Grobwet of Fiah. Emma's version. It was looooooonnggggg. But good. Emma ate her left over Chinese food in the theater with her chop sticks. cool baby. We went home and the girls slept in my bed because they were afraid of dragons.  Tonight we have gymnastics and hot dogs and artichokes.

I speak to Jeff every day. He is having a good time. The convention started today. It is snowing up there and he is cold. but is doing well. It is only day three and I am already running out of conversation with the girls.

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