Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Alyssa's toes

I have to put my pictures in the old fashioned way because I haven't uploaded anything into flikr recently. The feet picture is Alyssa's toes. Alyssa is obsessed with her toes and how long they are. They are practically fingers. Nicole thinks that Alyssa's toes are the funniest things in the world. One of the pictures is me and Nicole after she watched the girls while I went to the company party. That light in my left eye is present again. It always shows up in my donor eye.

The other pictures are Julia, Alyssa and emma in Jeff's truck before he drove to Reno. That's right folks, today may be January 17th to you but to me it is DAY 2 of Jeff gone. He is in Reno and getting the convention booth set up and probably meeting some skeezy Reno tramp and falling in love.


daymentedcom said...

Them'r worm diggin toes!!

lbgintex said...

Yeppers!! She's got her daddy's toes for sure....sorry 'bout that.... I have no clue where Jeff got 'em 'cause mine are perfect!!!