Monday, January 30, 2006

Jeff’s father, Pat passed away yesterday. He was 67. He had a collapsed lung and cancer in the other. He was a chain smoker, a drinker and a gambler. He took care of Pat and Pat alone. He was a nice enough man but selfish. He and Jeff’s mom split a long time ago. He came back when Jeff was 18 and reintroduced himself to his two boys. Jeff followed him to California and eventually to Las Vegas where I met him and started a new life for him. Pat was a user and would get together with women who took care of him. He and his girlfriend lived an hour away for over 9 years and came to visit once. Jeff’s brother had written him off years ago. Jeff never really thought about him and now feels nothing. I think he feels bad for not feeling bad. Pat was a father but Jeff’s Step Dad, James was a Dad. James is the man we consider the girls other grandfather. I don’t hate Pat. He was a part of the man that I love so much, I cry when I think about it. I love Jeff because he is an amazing husband and the best daddy I have ever met. I thank God everyday for him. I believe everything happens for a reason.

I have been looking for the cool packing tape Stace got when she moved from Seattle to Canada. It was color coded tape that had the room names on it to make it easier to unpack. She told me she got it at Office Max but I couldn't find it anywhere. So I thought that I could get basic duck tape in various colors. I went to their web site and found THIS. All the different uses for Duck tape. Jeff had to talk me down from my hysteria and panic attack I had about packing our stuff last night. He must really be into mental anguish and pain.



Sunday, January 29, 2006

When ducks attack

This weekend went very fast. Saturday was spent packing. All day. All day and you still can't tell that we made a dent. I am very frustrated. Today there was no packing. We went to Abbe's and played and sat and ate. Abbe took the girls to the lake to feed the ducks. All 987 of them. That' a lot of poop and feathers. I love this picture of the girls though.

Friday, January 27, 2006

What the heck is a DVD??

Do you know what we have LOT of? Videos. Tons and tons of videos. All of the Disney videos, 15 Mary Kate and Ashley Videos, Clifford, Wiggles, Dora, Barney and Blues Clues videos. Needless to say, We will not be getting rid of our VCR anytime soon.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

We have had the hardest time getting our crap packed. We just can’t get motivated and I know that it will bite us in the butt. A manager at work gave me about 15 boxes and I will pack our videos and DVD’s tonight while watching CSI. My parents signed papers yesterday and get the keys tomorrow. They will start moving their stuff into their new garage. The pictures of the new house are here and I think I managed to get the worst shots possible. The pictures do not do the house justice at all. Last night would have been the perfect night to get something done because of our tv schedule. Jeff has been falling asleep in front of the TV every night and for some reason in makes me really mad.

Emma was sent home yesterday because she “throwed up” That kid loves to puke. Alyssa has thrown up twice in 8 ½ years. Emma has thrown up 345 times in 5 years.


I have to take a picture of the girls’ fairy garden. The grass seed has gone crazy and the grasss lifted up the fairy house. We need to buy a teeny tiny goat to eat it.

Monday, January 23, 2006

What a hella week. It was the hardest week I have ever had. Not only was it incredibly difficult without Jeff, emotionally and physically for the girls as well as myself. I had my first bad day at work. A bad day where everyone is yelling at everyone else and the pressure of being number one is wiping people out and the scapegoat is me. It may not have been but I took things personally and 99%had absolutely nothing to do with me.

But big Daddy came home last night exhausted. He brought hunting goodies and pins for the girls. He also brought home beef sticks. Kangaroo, Ostrich and Buffalo. He gave some kangaroo to Alyssa. Bad idea. BAD IDEA!!!!!. She read the ingredients, threw up and was hysterically crying for about 10 minutes until we calmed her down and told her it really wasn’t kangaroo. And that it was a joke like on the show Hi-Jinx on Nick @ Nite.  She was so upset! We wouldn’t have given it to her if we knew how she would react. We really should have known better with her being such an animal lover. I’m sure that we will pay for this in therapy in a couple of years  On Saturday we went to Disney on Ice’s Finding Nemo. We had wicked close seats and some of the characters came out to shake hands with the girls. After that we went to a baby shower for a woman I know, Kandace. We then drove home to see that someone had backed in (HARD) to Jeff’s ’56. Really hard and then tore off like a bat out of hell. I called the police but they said that they do not come out if there is no suspect involved. I have to go down to the station to file a report. I also called State Farm and they were very nice but said that I needed a police report too. I was horrified. The fender is fixable but I was so sad. Someone just smashed into his car and left. And let me tell you, you can’t smash into a ‘56 Chevy like that and not be in bad shape. Jeff’s car is a tank, pure metal, no fiberglass on this puppy. The car that hit us was white. I was so afraid to tell Jeff. I mean what can he do about it in Reno except drive home upset and angry. On Sunday he called me to tell me he was leaving and he said that he knew something was wrong by my voice. So I told him. He laughed at me for being so upset. But when he came home last night and saw it he didn’t mention it at all. He was very quiet.

Well, anyway, my baby is home now and we are very happy. Not as happy as Alyssa and Emma who got to be taken to school in an 18 wheeler this morning. Jeff had to take the truck back to the shop today so he dropped the girls off in it. Simple pleasures. Any way, the pictures are here. I will also post shots of my moms new house that I took pictures of during their walk through yesterday. That will be soon.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Remember on Tuesday night in the 70's on Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley would make an appearance?? It would blow your mind! Well the kids have their own little version of TV crossover and they think it is hilarious. The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour

It combines. The Fairy Oddparents and Jimmy Neutron in one spectacular hour!!!

Lookie what my sister in law sent me from their trip to Russia. I saw these little chocolates on another website and I was so jealous. I thought that the little wrappers were so beautiful.  She made resin blocks with hers.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Can you say harlot??

Harlot? Floozy, tramp? What is the word I am thinking about?? Well it's is the cheap girl that whores around town in cheap makeup. Except this stuff ain't cheap... it is Mary Kay. And I went to a Mary Kay party just so anchor/reporter at the station will like me. She sells it and I wanna be her friend. So now, that is why I am looking like Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby

And by the way, may I mention that it is day 4. Our highlight of the night was going thru the car wash and eating McDonalds AT THE SAME TIME! These kids are livin the high life I tell you. They stayed out Abbe's while I got all good and pretty. It felt more like a cult then a pleasant get together though.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

fairy house

Day 3. I have had so much bonding time with my two girls in the last two weeks that I have to detach them to go to the bathroom. The girls and I have been a trio pretty much since last Saturday when my parents left for their cruise. I took the girls from the airport to the movies. We saw Chronicles of Narnia then we went to the library to check out Narnia books. On Sunday we went to Dim Sum and talked about Grandma. This week Jeff is gone and we are like glue.

Day 1(Monday) picked up the girls from Grandma's. There was no school because of MLK day. We went home and made a fairy garden with grass seed and beans.Intense mother daughter time.

Day 2(Tuesday) I took the girls to dinner at Pick Up Stix and then we went to see P Potter and the Grobwet of Fiah. Emma's version. It was looooooonnggggg. But good. Emma ate her left over Chinese food in the theater with her chop sticks. cool baby. We went home and the girls slept in my bed because they were afraid of dragons.  Tonight we have gymnastics and hot dogs and artichokes.

I speak to Jeff every day. He is having a good time. The convention started today. It is snowing up there and he is cold. but is doing well. It is only day three and I am already running out of conversation with the girls.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Alyssa's toes

I have to put my pictures in the old fashioned way because I haven't uploaded anything into flikr recently. The feet picture is Alyssa's toes. Alyssa is obsessed with her toes and how long they are. They are practically fingers. Nicole thinks that Alyssa's toes are the funniest things in the world. One of the pictures is me and Nicole after she watched the girls while I went to the company party. That light in my left eye is present again. It always shows up in my donor eye.

The other pictures are Julia, Alyssa and emma in Jeff's truck before he drove to Reno. That's right folks, today may be January 17th to you but to me it is DAY 2 of Jeff gone. He is in Reno and getting the convention booth set up and probably meeting some skeezy Reno tramp and falling in love.

Friday, January 13, 2006

My brother is back from Russia. It was a lonnnnnnnnng trip. Three weeks. But I guess if your gonna go to Russia you might as well make it a few weeks. My parents come from their cruise on Sunday. I have missed my mom's call twice. Everytime she calls she sounds a bit tipsy. Today they were in Cabo San Lucas. I totally miss talking to her. When they get back they will have to get serious about packing. I would like to be completely moved in by the time we take off for Texas. Jeff leaves on his conference on Sunday. I will be a tad nutty this next week. It is the longest we have been apart in 13 years!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Well, apparently NOBODY reads my site because NOBODY has delurked. Even though my counter tells me that people are visiting. Oh well, fine. I feel like I am being stalked but Ok. whatever, I am not bitter.  What am I wearing now you naughty kitties? Peeking in are you?

Ok, well, for the record, I am very happy for Angelina and Brad. I wish that they would get married but I am very happy for them. I have not an ounce of pity for poor Jennifer. I do not like her. I feel that she should do one good quality movie a year instead of 50 horrible ones. I also don't think she is very pretty. She's got a kickin body but her face looks like it is melting.

I did like her in Office Space. But I absolutly love that movie so it is a given to love everybody in it.

Monday, January 9, 2006

This is delurking week

De lurking week.  It means that you shouldn't just stop by and read my blog, tell me what you think by leaving a comment. I know it is an AOL blog but you do not have to be a member to comment. All you need is to make up a user name. SO DO IT!!    please!

Saturday, January 7, 2006

I am a teepee and a wigwam

That's right, I am too tense. I have so much coming up in this next 4 months. This week my mom and dad are gone on a cruise, next week Jeff is gone for a week for a convention in Reno. After that we will be packing like a fiend. Then it is Emma's birthday which I will most likely have at Chucks house of Cheese. My favorite place in the world. Then packing and moving and packing and moving. Then we leave to go cross country in April to East Texas will most likely be a treat for us after all of this stress. STRESS. Yucky gooey, messy stress. I will take Abbe's advice and chart everything out. I work well with deadlines. Anyone who wants to help us move, please come on over. There will be goodies and pony rides for the kiddies. Unfortunately, I don't have too many readers in Vegas. Elizabeth??? Wanna make am easy buck?

Nicole is helping us paint the new house and Jeff has friends from work that will help us move and Abbe will be there to tell us where we should place everything. She moves her furniture around every other week and is a design diva. It always looks better!

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Well, mighty me this year is certainly starting off with a bang. My parents have purchased a new home in Sun City. The uppity seniors development here in Vegas. I used to work there as the Special Events Coordinator in 1999.  That was the job where I met and befriended Sandy Hackett, a man disgustingly living off of his father’s name. He had asked me to work for him as the associate producer for his show that would be taking place in the near future. Apparently the money for that fell through and he decided to take the Special Events Coordinator job for himself after I had quit.  Me no likey.

ANYWAY, my parents have decided to move after 18 years in the same home. And have given the 4 bedroom. 3 bath, 2 story pseudo estate to me and my family. Well, we will be taking over the mortgage.  Jeff and I are excited and very scared. We have a lot of crap. No, I mean it, a lot. I am glad that my parent’s house is staying with the family. We have owned it from its baby stage and it means a lot to me. That was the home that I lived in when I met Jeff. The front bedroom window was mine and it is where my beloved would throw rocks until I woke up and went downstairs to make out with him. “Gush” Stace and I really rocked that house our senior year.  She practically lived there with me and we had a lot of fun making home movies there and hanging out.  Hopefully while I am packing I will find those movies and copy them for you Stace.

 I know you remember this:

“I got you something for Valentines Day but it died.”

“Oh what did I get you??? A puppy”

Hopefully she will remember that it was actually a rose.


Anyway, we are excited and scared. We hope to have everything said and done by April when we travel to East Texas. We still have to fix up our house and get it ready to sell. That makes me a little sad too. It was our first house. Built from scratch. We brought our babies home to this house. Emma is very confused about the move. She keeps asking if she has to carry everything over that she wants to keep. I told her that we will put everything in boxes and get big burly men to carry everything over. She also thinks that my parents are moving into our house so she told my mother to watch out for Spooky because he bites.

  1. Spooky has never bitten anyone in his life
  2. We are taking the dogs with us.
  3. She saw the house my parents are moving into and asked my mother where her room will be when she visits.


Their new house is amazing. Beautiful and dramatic. I hope that they will be happy there with the other over 55ers.