Friday, December 29, 2006

So, I am so over the fact that I deleted every one of my vacation pictures. I mean, it is killing me but what am I going to do? They are gone, not coming back. I hate my camera, I hate the digital world and I hate that Time Magazine named the internet users person of the year because to tell you the truth, Modern technology scares the crap out of me. I can’t keep up. Look, I would have never lot my pictures with a 35 mm roll of film


Any way. New Years Eve.


What I hope for this year.

1.    Jeff’s business to take off

2.    Lose maybe 1 ½ lbs

3.    keep a clean and organized house

4.    remodel our kitchen

5.    keep the kids healthy for at least two months in a row.


I don’t think these are too crazy to ask for. I am trying to stay grounded and realistic for 2007 which is also one of my personal resolutions.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Hey we are back. We had a wonderful, relaxing time with 70 degree weather. Yummy! Pictures are right here. CLICK HERE. What?? It is not working? Oh yeah that is because I deleted every     one    of    them    by    mistake.  Every freakin one of them.     

Happy I am not.

Monday, December 18, 2006

I am as giddy as a guppy about Christmas. It is the first time I have ever been away. The girls left with my parents and brother and sister in law yesterday. Jeff and I waved goodbye, grinning from ear to ear. We love our kids but we love this time of year too. Where the girls leave with my parents and we have a few alone days together where we get to work on time and watch a TV show without missing any of it and not having to cook a separate meal.  It is a nice treat after the worst week EVERRRRRRR. I am leaving for Laguna on Thursday and Jeff leaves on Saturday. I am excited to sit on the beach and do nothing. I am excited to have Christmas somewhere else and I am really excited to twirl naked around the house for two more nights.

Twirl ballerina, twirl.  

Anyhoo, I am off like a prom dress for the week and will return with beach pictures after the holiday. Happy Chanukah brothas and sistahs and very merry Christmas to y’all too. Holiday cards will be coming sometime this week. I hope.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Cr Cr Cr Crappy

In continuation on our crappy crappy crappy week, Emma was kicked out of class again yesterday. I had to leave work again. There were only three kids in her class. They were all sick. Even her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Beech had D –D- D-D Diarrhea. Diarrhea starts with D. Why she felt the need to share that with me, I will never know. Except that in kindergarten we learn about sh – sh- sharing. At about 6:30 I got so violently ill that I think I cracked a rib. I popped both ears. At the same time, Alyssa was experiencing her first major stomach ache that we think was caused by eating 99 cent store chili. Jeff went from Bathroom to bathroom taking care of us. Emma was in a sticky, sweaty, cough syrup induced coma. The Tatum house did not smell good last night. On the other side of the crappy week is my back. I have a stress rash all over my back and chest. My brother and my sister in law come in in about an hour. Alyssa had her parent teacher conference that I could not attend and my mom is having a party tonight. I feel so tired and crappy right now that I may just park myself on the couch all night.

The girls leave for Laguna on Sunday and we are expecting rain and snow. Yes.. Snow in Vegas. I feel really comfortable with the whole family driving in those conditions. Hopefully everything will be smooth and next week will be calmer. At least I got all my Christmas shopping done. I just need to wrap.  Wr – wr- wr wrap.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's raining puke.

This has been an extreme shitteous week. Not only did Alyssa get the UTI on Sunday / Monday morning, Jeff got his wisdom teeth pulled, and was in a lot of mouth pain, but Emma puked all over our bed on Monday night around 2 AM. She is running a fever and cannot sleep without moaning. This morning she puked over Jeff shoes.  Well, that was funny.

I am taking her to Quick Care tonight. It totally sucks rocks.

Monday, December 11, 2006

What a suckeeee Monday.

Jeff has to get his wisdom teeth pulled. He has to have a lot of things done to his teeth. But we are starting with the wisdom ones because he has been in a lot of pain lately. I took today off so I can drive him. I could have left him in the parking lot drooling because he was way out of it. I could have written "balls" on his forehead like in Garden State, but I didn't. I am a good, caring wife.

Ok so last night at 3:17AM I have a frantic tap on my shoulder. It is Alyssa and she is in a lot of pain. She has a UTI. (Urinary Tract Infection) She has had them since she was 6 months old. She used to get them every other month but they have weaned off. She hasn't had one in about a year and a half. Off to the ER we go. We get there at 4 AM and we are seriously out by 4:30AM. It is a good time to go I guess. She pee'd in a cup and they gave her some drugs.She is OK. But needless to say, I was very sleepy today.

All is well, Jeff is woosy but he will be fine. No smoking for two days so that is good. I hope.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Here we go!!

Jeff got his business license in the mail the other day!!! Here we gooooooo! We are scared and nervous but excited too!! We spent all night on our plan of action for marketing, contracts and mission statement. And if any of you have a small business in Nevada please email me a good accountant because that is the one thing that terrifies me the most!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

How much do I want these?? A whole bunch. But don't get them for me because $50.00, That is just crazy talk. I can buy 25 McRibs for that. Except that Mcrib was a limited time thing and there are not available anymore.         Jerks.

Monday, December 4, 2006

The tree falled ovah

Ummm yeah, the tree done did fell ovah. We thinks it was...... Miss Kitty........ with the claws........ in the living room. She ain't talkin and Spooky is just happy that he wasn't the one yelled at. Like last week when it was Professor Spooky..... with the nose....... in the bathroom garbage.  Pics to the left.

We got our tree!!! At a bargain basement Star nursery price!!!! It is our first tree in our new house and it is wonderful having so many options on where to put it. Minnie was mesmerized by it but Spooky couldn't care less.

I love having a tree. As I should being the good Jew that I am.

Pictures are on the left.

We got Jeff's business cards and his first customer has confirmed his need for Jeff's services. He needs it done before the end of the year!!!! End of the year! That means that we may possibly have money! What a treat that would be. What a concept. Anyway. These next few weeks will be CRAZY! I may not be as cheery as I usually am.

By the way, I have added a musical portion to this show. You just have to wait a few seconds for it to kick in.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I got this from Lora. Lora, I stole some of your answers because it is what I would have said!

3 Things that scare me:

Death of a loved one

Having no money


3 People who make me laugh:


Alyssa & Emma

Dane Cook

3 Things I love:

Hearing Emma sing

Alyssa winning contests at school  **

A clean house

3 Things I hate:

A messy house


Driving at night

3 Things I don't understand:


Stocks & bonds

How I don’t have $500 left over every month

3 Things on my desk:

My knitting

A barbie

Three different hand lotions

3 Things I'm doing right now:

This meme

Listening to gossip and bitching

Looking busy

3 Things I want to do before I die:

Take Jeff to see England

Take the girls to Hawaii

See both girls have babies

3 Things I can do:



eat a lot of crap

3 Things I can't do:


stay on a diet

a backbend

3 Things I think you should listen to:

Gordon Lightfoot

Broadway show tunes


3 Things you should never listen to:

Screaming heavy metal  ( I guess thrash)



3 Things I'd like to learn:

How to be better organized

How to budget

How to stay on a diet

3 Favorite foods:

Dim Sum

Thanksgiving meal

Japanese food

3 Beverages I drink regularly:

Water w/ lemon

Diet A & W

Water w/o lemon

3 Shows I watched as a kid:

Brady Bunch

Twilight Zone

Sesame Street


** Alyssa won another drawing contest at school!!! The first one was framed and matted and is hung in the school office!! and this last one she actually won 2nd place and it will be scanned and made into cards to sell!!! The kid can draw. She gets it from her daddy and granddaddy.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The picture is of my brothers view from his apartment window. It is the Empire State building. His new Apartment is on 34th and Broadway. The same path of the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. Did he watch it? No, I woke him up at noon his time. He missed the whole thing. My kids however had to watch it on tv with a million and two commercials. Nice.

So we have made the plans to go back to Texas next year. We are going in March this time. I am very excited. It is a nice trip. Jeff and I travel very well together. I read the maps and he drives. I never drive. Ever. I fell asleep once. ONCE in 13 years. And now I don't get to drive. I didn't even realize I was so tired until I got behind the wheel. Well anyway. No driving for Cyndi.

First we have to get through Christmas. My brother and his wife come in on the 14th then they leave for Laguna. They meaning parents, bro and wife and Alyssa and Emma. And then I go and then Jeff. It will be the first time I will be with my brother at Christmas in about 15 years. That is crazy!  Anyway. We have all that then we have to wait patiently for January to get over so we can do our taxes, pay off our cards and make all the arrangements for the trip. Hopefully Jeff's biz will have taken off so we can bring in some extra money. That would be nice. His first customer wants to wait until the new year to do his appraisal. That bums me out a little but I understand. I am an Aries, I need things now now now.

Friday, November 24, 2006

I know I have mentioned this before but I am going to stop selling romance enhancers this month. I don’t really think I have made any money. No “quit your day job” money anyway. Not that I thought I would.  Perhaps I will have a virtual garage sale with my party demos. I will let you know if I do. I can at least sell the novelty items.

This weekend we are braving the stores. I have my entire Christmas list made up I just have to purchase everything.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving last night. Pictures are on the left and I have more to add. We fell asleep at 9.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

This year went fast. It is Thanksgiving week already. I cannot believe I was ready to write off Spooky. With his new meds he has made a complete turnover. He actually went through the trash. Something he hasn't done in months. So I know he is feeling better. The next few weeks are crazy busy. I am trying hard to remain focused with everything Jeff and I have to complete by the end of the year. I hope to launch the business by Jan 1st.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Jeff and I have decided to not let go of Spooky just yet. He is still full of life, He just can't get up. We are putting him on medication for a few days to see if there is a difference.

I had Emma's parent - teacher conference today. Big surprise, Emma is what you call... a free spirit. He teacher who is very serious for a kindergarten teacher tells me that Emma has a tendency to "zone' out and do her own thing. Yeah, we knew that. Alyssa always went with the flow of things whereas Emma doesn't do anything she doesn't want to do. We will work on that.

I am waiting for my friend Jill to email me about how she did on "The Funniest Mom in America" contest she auditioned for last night. I was thinking about her and hope she did well. Jill is friggin hilarious and she appreciates the finer things in life as I do. The McRib for instance. She truly understands the excitement when they place "The McRib is Back!" on the Marquee.

I am cutting my hair off this weekend. I am too old to have long hair. I am preparing myself for the "late thirties" Other than that I think I will proceed with Franzia Friday and Robotussin for the kids. Friday nights are for glasses of wine and Sex and the City on Digital. My perfect night.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A proud moment

It is no big secret that i am a big lady. It is no big secret that I am a certified Weight Watchers member. One of the things about WW is that they ask you to write down your incentives for losing weight. Every time I join. (ha) I write the same thing. "So Jeff will introduce me to his friends at work." Now, I do not know the real reason why I have not met a single person from Jeff's job in two years but I can only assume that I am not a trophy wife. Now I know what you are saying, PULLLEEESE, Jeff is not that shallow but I do not know why I have yet to be introduced. When I ask him about it he says that he just doesn't think to introduce me but I know that he has always been very good about that at his other jobs when I have been thinner. This is not a feel sorry for me post it is just how I feel. I have always thought about the girls and how they would be embarrassed to have a fat mommy but I really don't think they see a size when they see me. They see me as mommy. Well today when I went to pick up Alyssa she asked me to come to another room so I can meet her new friend and I just about busted. She introduced ME, her mommy to her new friend and she wasn't embarrassed at all. I almost started crying because I was so touched. My kids like me for who I am. Jeff likes me because I laugh at his jokes and wash his chonies.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ring of Fire

June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash died within three months of each other. They loved each other that much. This Friday, Jeff and I have to make the decision to put Spooky down. He can’t walk anymore and he is not happy. We had to pick him up to take him outside last night. He won’t eat and he just lies in the same spot all night. Just like Otis. It is absolutely amazing to me that a dog so full of life has completely deteriorated in a matter of a month. He can’t even go to the mailbox with Alyssa anymore.  

When I got the dogs they were puppies. When we took them to the vet to get checked out for the first time the vet said that both dogs should live 10 -12 years. At the time, that seemed so far away. As you know, Otis just passed away in his 10th year and Spooky will be ten in March. To tell you that having two dogs pass away in the same year sucks rocks would be an understatement.  I will tell the girls first this time. I will make sure they are prepared and I will make sure that they understand that the dog that is here right now is not the dog that we know and love. This little guy is an empty shell that is so overcome with grief that he has let his body crumble.  This little guy is in pain.

Monday, November 6, 2006

This weekend was my mother’s company picnic. It was a huge event that had wonderful activities for the children. They really go all out for their employees on this occasion.

 Well the picnic was at a very large park. (For those in town readers, the park rhymes with munset) I had a FUN party that night at a house where I did not know any over the attendees. I was very nervous and a bit “sour” if you follow me. The bathrooms by the children’s area where we were parked HAD NO DOORS!! Like in prison, just like in Maximum security prison.

Well, I can’t, I won’t.

The thought of pooping in a public bathroom without doors makes me ill. I have a hard enough time peeing at my work bathroom if someone else is in there with me.  I mean I can, but in no way can I make conversation while doing so.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

* I forgot to refer back to the * on my last post. Yes, I take belly dancing class. I take it with a co worker and I thought it would be a cool way to exercise. It is harder then I thought and I found out that I have a difficult time moving in the way she wants us to. But it is cool.

Also, Halloweenie pics are up on blogger on the left.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Don't be a hallow weenie

I don’t have any pictures of Halloween yet. I can tell you that after trick or treating two houses Emma decided that she didn’t want to do it anymore. She didn’t want to trick or treat, wear her ruby red slippers, or have her hair in braids anymore so she sat down on the side walk and asked me to go door to door for her. I didn’t, her sister did. They still scored though. A butt load of candy. Alyssa hid hers from Jeff right away. It was a fun time though. I can’t believe Halloween has come and gone already. Alyssa had promised her teacher that she would bring 31 caramel apples for her class party. I suppose that this is payback since I always volunteered my mother for class events too.  So Monday night after my belly dancing class.* Jeff and I made caramel apples. He was not thrilled at all. This year has flown by.  Prayers, thoughts and love go out to my nephew, Mathew. He was in an accident and broke his pelvis in two places. The kid is the toughest I know and he is pulling through like a soldier according to his mom. But I know it will be a rough few months for him and I wish him all the love in the world.  Hang in there Mathew Bronc!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Emma's very bad week. A poem

Emma fell down on Sunday.

A stitch here a stitch there.

Emma fall down on Wednesday.

Blood here, blood there.

A Call

A Call

School calls to pick up your kid.

Emma gets sick on Thursday. Really sick.

100 - 101- 102 degrees

Puke here, puke there. 

sleep is good.

Emma sleeps

Drugs  make Emma better.

Emma is well on Friday and goes to her Fall Festival

The End. ( Pictures to the left.)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oh my. This is yummy.

So I thought that I should fill you in on what we did on our weekend.

 Mom and I took the tots to Pumpkin land to buy overpriced pumpkins, ride a train made of barrels, jump in a jumpy house that is not completely inflated and pet a 700 lb pig. The pictures are to the left.

We then went to Mervyns and purchased every pillow they were selling. I also scored my entire guest room d├ęcor for about $25. They were having this killer 75% off sale. I usually don’t like going into Mervyns because their building is stuffy and hot. But despite the uncomfortableness, two pillows for $6.99 are a great deal.

Yadda Yadda Yadda, then to Sunday. Which I like to call:

Tatum Togetherness Time.

We went to lunch at a place that shall remain nameless because they were very nice and comped our meal despite what I am about to tell you. We ordered our food and began eating the way we Tatum’s do, so quick and fast that I swear to you I once bit my finger while eating a French fry  thinking that it too, was a potato.

Anyway, Jeff was wolfing down his fried crawfish when something “not right” was also breaded and deep fried. A nut and bolt. That is right, a nut and bolt was breaded and deep fried and laying there amongst the catfish, crawfish and ettoufee. I went to get the manager and being the neurotic sap I am, began to worry that they would think this was a scam we pulled to get free meals. We were going to IHOP next to find a toe in the Funnel Cakes. The manager came over and inspected the bolt. To say he was sorry would be an understatement. He just about offered to wash our car and give Jeff a pedicure. He was THAT sorry. But he comped our meal and thanked us for being so low key and cool about it. Our waiter came up to us and whispered, “What did you find because they are not telling us.” Jeff told him and he was visually horrified. But it’s all good. We went to Target and spent the money we saved on lunch.

We are working hard o clean up the backyard. My parents had a spa and gazebo on one side and a collection of broken coolers on the other. Not to mention the 500 sticks of bamboo, 300 golf balls, 56 rubber balls, and broken lawn chairs that were “too good to toss.”

Well, we tossed everything. We started months ago not realizing how much wood was involved in a 22 year old gazebo. We still have sections of it we have to toss. But everything else? Gone, gone, gone. We had put a 1912 push lawn mower out for the garbage and it was gone in 15 minutes. It didn’t even push anymore it was so rusted up. But someone in my neighborhood was watching our every move and it was gone before the trash man came. We purchased a fire pit for the backyard which is yummy beyond words. We love it. So did Emma who felt the need to do the dance of the 5 year old. Apparently that dance involves standing on our glider and belly flopping to the cement below. Our next trip? Hospital, where according to Jeff it was kids night. Don’t worry about Emma. The new adhesive / glue/ stitches and she will be as good as new.  So she  will never be a teen model, Emma wants to be a fairy princess anyway.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Got peanuts? And a better digital camera?

UGH!!!!!!!!! Former president Jimmy Carter came to the station and every shot is blurry because of my camera. So as you look at the picture be sure to shake your head violently back and forth and it should look fine. He and his son, Jack came to our station to do our political show. Man oh man, for a guy in his 80's he sure has all of his marbles. It was exciting. Secret service came to check everything out first. In this shot I literally pushed people out of the way to get the picture. And it is BLURRY!!!!!!!!! More blurry pictures to the left.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Because chaos is my favorite color

I just signed the girls up for a painting class and a cooking class. As soon as I wrote it in my calendar I thought, I have to take them to theses classes now.  Every Tuesday and Thursday the girls will be creating magic. Alyssa wants to take a skate boarding class. She has the balance of…of..of… well of me. And that isn’t good.

We have done Ballet, gymnastics, ice skating, cooking, crafting, ceramics…. We are trying to find their niche. The one thing that they don’t want to quit after two weeks.

They don’t seem to be very interested in sports at all.  I just want them to get into as many activities as possible. Alyssa is in choir and she will be a peer mediator again. I am excited to see what Emma interests are because right now they are food, fairytopia and dress up. With those qualifications she can be a fairy princess.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby Boy! We love ya over here at the hut.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

what is up

I am going to tell you what one of our big projects is. On of the two I have been speaking about. Jeff is starting his own business! He is not quitting his job. No way by any means is that happening. He just wants to do this on the side. It will be a gun appraisal company. He has been doing gun appraisals for over 15 years. Always for other companies. It is time that he took his research and knowledge and used it for his own benefit. We are going through the licensing process and have already completed 2 out of three steps. We hope to be up and running by November. I am trying to get his business cards in order. My brother made this AMAZING logo for us.  I am telling you all of this because there will be a time in the near future where I am bitching and complaining about Jeff not spending time with the family. So just be aware of my groaning.

I got a condolence card from my vet in the mail yesterday. It was handwritten and very sweet.  Jeff and I are talking about dogs we would want. We won’t get one until after the New Year since we are going to Laguna for Christmas. It is hard. Spooky is getting older and he can’t jump on the bed anymore. He is a lot peppier since we take him for walks every night and today he is getting groomed. Nothing like an old fashioned butt squeezing to get your puppy back.


Sunday, October 8, 2006

Because Jeff doesn't read my Blawwwwg.

I can write whatever I want about him. Friday was a very bad, sad, bummer day. We put Otis down, And I know that you are sick of hearing about already but tough titty, It is my Blaaaawwwwgg. I can write what I want.

Thursday night I had had the talk with Alyssa and told her what was happening. She was very sad but understood that he was in pain and she didn't like seeing him like that. Now follow me on this. I made a crucial mistake, I did not say anything to Emma. I know, she has feelings too but you have to understand the relationship between Emma and the animals. There wasn't any. She basically ignored them. She would see him lying in the same spot for two days and thought nothing of it. I called my boss and told him what I had to do and that I would be in late. When I told Jeff this he got mad. He said that he wanted to go alone. I told him that I was going and that was that. Now I know why he wanted to go by himself.

Jeff is a man's man. He doesn't show emotion. This used to bother me but I got used to it. I have seen him cry once. A very close friend of our was murdered. Understandably it was a horrible experience but that is another blog entry. He cried and cried with me. He claims he cried when he watched Legends of The Fall, but I never saw any tears.

On Friday, we put Otis in the car. That itself was sad. Otis' hips had gone out. He could not walk or stand without difficulty. As we drove to the vet, I lost it. Silently I was crying because I didn't want to upset Otis. He always sensed when we were sad. I looked around for a tissue in Jeff's car. He usually kept a roll of toilet paper around. I couldn't find any but saw that Jeff reached back and found a napkin. I thought he was going to give it to me but he wiped his cheek. That was all I needed to start the heaves. Jeff was crying over his loyal trusting pup. It was a silent ride. When we got there he told me to give him a few minutes. The vet was a blur because I was hysterical. They were wonderful though. Very caring and sweet. The vet said that he could railroad us for hundreds of dollars to keep him going for a few months but he was a firm believer of quality of life.

That was it, that was the end of an incredible ten years with a dog so wonderful he could have been a real life Lassie. When I left for work, I hugged Jeff and he sobbed on my shoulder. It was a very painful day for him.

But then there was Emma. Emma, who I completely underestimated. After I picked up Alyssa and told her what happened. She was sad but not too bad. I told her that I wanted to tell Emma by myself. We picked her up and I told Alyssa to wait in the car while I sat on a bench with her sister. Emma was really happy because there was a party at school. She was jabbering about her goodie bag. I said " Emma, Otis died today. He was really sick."

This moment will be in my memory for the rest of my life. I swear that to you. The look of shock and sadness was startling to me. She said " Otis is dead?! But he was my friend." She then started to cry loudly with giant tears. "Otis was my dog, Spooky was Alyssa's but Otis was mine. and I never got to play with him." It was not a good day. Alyssa came out of the car and they hugged each other and cried together. When we got into the car to go, Emma said, " I was so happy when I went to school but now I am just so sad." And there in my 1999 Ford Escort. my heart broke into a million pieces and I realized that being an adult sometimes sucks rocks.

That was my Friday, October 6th, 2006. If I rated my days in a journal it would have been a D-.

 We are talking about getting another dog but I need time.

We spent all day Sunday cleaning up the back yard. It was a good workout and we didn't have anytime to think about it anymore. By the way, thank you so much for the emails and phone calls and understanding. It really helped.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Otis 1996-2006

When I looked at my calender I realized that Otis was born October 8, 1996. He is exactly ten years old. Tomorrow Jeff and I are taking him in to see the vet. Otis is in pain. And for as much as this dog has given to me and my family, he deserves a chance to be in heaven where he can run and eat all of the pig ears he wants to.

Being an adult sucks

Man oh Man. Be careful what you write about because it may come true.  I came home last night and Otis was lying on the ground. He was looking up at me but he didn’t get up to greet us like he normally does.  I went to get the mail and when I came back, he was in the same spot. His hips have given out on him and he can’t get up. I knew this was coming. He is almost 11 years old. We have moved into a house that has made things worse for him, and he has bad hips. Keeping him alive is purely selfish. We love him. We need him and I can’t imagine living without him. This is my dog that can say “I love you” He will give you his paw anytime you sit near him. And he will always put his paw on the back of any child lying next to him.  He is the dog that would stash toys behind a bucket in the backyard. He would never rip apart a toy but only lick it to nothing. He is the dog who, when he first met the baby Spooky, took his paw and smashed it down on his silly puppy head.  He is our dog, our security and our friend. And the idea of letting him go is killing all of us.  

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

This is a picture of my nieces and nephew in Texas. Adorable!


You know you complain about things all the time while you have it but as soon as they are gone you miss it?  My mom used to complain about our Lhasa Apso, Coco all the time. When Coco died, my mom took it hard.  I complain about Spooky. Spooky is my Bassett Hound. He smells. He drools. He leans, he is a close talker, he will do anything to get food and he is getting old. Old like he is losing his spunk and he is not the playful floppy eared pup anymore.  He sleeps a lot now. Yes I know, he is a Bassett, they sleep, but he sleeps all the time now, even when we are eating which he has never done. Both of my dogs are old. Otis is 10 and Spooky is 9. Our new house is killing Otis. The stairs are too much for him. And even though common sense would tell Otis not to climb them because you have to go back down again.. That is not Otis’s MO. He has to check on the girls when they sleep and he has to sleep at the floor of our bed. He has too. He is very protective. I love and hate these dogs. But it is killing me to see them deteriorate like this.  I guess it was kind of mean to bring in a crazy, psycho, kitten to rev them up. She shakes her little cat butt at them and dares them to catch her. She gets bored with them. They couldn’t care less. It makes her pissy.

Monday, October 2, 2006

well, this sucks rocks

These school shooting are scaring the crap out of me. We have guns, I grew up around guns. So did Jeff. Jeff has taught the girls the proper use of guns, that you don’t play with them and if you want to see them, ask him. The same way I was taught. It kills me that I can teach my girls the proper etiquette around guns and some asshole will run into a school and God Forbid, blow them away. The same goes for driving drunk. I will tell the girls over and over to never get into a car with someone who was drinking or to call me when you can’t drive and again some asshole driving drunk will run into them. God forbid.

It is not fair. You raise these kids, give them band aids when they fall, take care of them when they are sick, teach them about life, fall in love with them and some jerk off takes it all away from you in a single moment. It breaks my heart.

Here is a note to the next guy to take hostages and blow people away before killing himself. Skip the middle men and just kill yourself. No big loss.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Day of Atonement

Isn't it sad that I have had nothing to write about? Don't you feel sorry for me? There are things I WANT to write about but I can't ........ I won't. You can't make me.  Well, There are several projects we are working on like I said. One is taking up all of my free time. But it is a good thing. I will tell you this week, I promise.

Tomorrow (Monday) Is Yom Kippor. The Day of Atonement. It is the day that you do nothing but pray and ask God for forgiveness. You don't eat, sleep, bathe or anything. Then at sundown you break the fast and gorge with friends. I have never done this. I am not saying I don't have sins because baby.. I do. Some of them are private sins with myself, some are obvious. Gluttony is one. I am a large woman who eats plentiful.

But here are some that I am sorry for.

1. Yelling at the girls when they are just being kids.

2. Complaining to Jeff that he needs to be more aggressive at work but then complaining to him again when he is not home with us because he has to work.

3. Being lazy. There are more things I could do with the girls. Things that don't cost money like the library or the park.

4. Not being truthful with myself about things I truly want and need.

5. Only living up to half of my personal expectations

6. Spending too much time on the computer and phone.

Geesh, I told you I had nothing to write about. This is hideous.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

I used to take my camera everywhere and had tons of pictures. I haven't done that in awhile. We had dinner at mom's house for Rosh Hashanah. (sp) and I didn't take one picture, even though I had my camera in my purse.

Well, it is a new year. La Shana Tova everybody! Jeff and I are starting this year off fresh. We have two major goals that we would like to achieve within the next 6 months. As soon as we achieve one of them I will write about it but until then I don't want to jinx them.

Nicole sent me some pictures she took of the camping trip. They are in B & W. On the left.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jeff was standing out side this morning barefoot, in jeans and a button down shirt. He just shaved his head again and was smoking a cigarette. And as much as I hate that he smokes, I will say that he was a smokin’ hottie this morning. He looked so good that it practically took my breath away.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


I am starting to find dimes again. This is weird. My Uncle Dennis, my mom's brother used to collect dimes as a kid. He kept them in cigar tins. When he passed away last March, my mom and I would find dimes all over the place. After a few months I stopped finding any. And for some reason, I started noticing them again. In the washer, the car, etc... I think of him everytime I find one so I am happy about getting them again.


More pics on the blogger.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Emma fell asleep on my chest last night. This is something she has only done 1 or 2 other times. It was wonderful. Her sweaty little head stuck to my chest. I asked Alyssa how I was going to get her upstairs into her bed. Alyssa said “why don’t we drag her up the steps?”

Alyssa Hayley, so caring.


They had presented me with a possible promotion at work I was truly honored but I could not take it. It was an on call 24/7 job and that is not do-able. I like where I am and although I would like to make more money, I would rather be poor and happy then rich and miserable.


Third baby is still on the table. Not swept away like crumbs, but a permanent thought, such as salt. This is not a good analogy because sometimes when you use salt it turns out to be a mistake. I gonna have to use Spicy brown mustard which is never a mistake.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My head is spinning. I just feel as though I can’t catch up with events going on. My job may be turning into something else. I am going nutty. I want to stop and smell the roses but I can’t. I am so tired. And, I have nothing to write about. L

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Camping pics are up!

They are out of order but the camping pictures are up on blogger. Click the link on the left. And please, feel free to feel my pain as you look at the only two pictures I have of the first day of school. One blurry shot and only one picture of Emma. NONE of Alyssa and absolutly no proof that she actually wore a dress.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Delusional daughter

I went to Parent information night at Alyssa’s school last night.  This is where you meet and greet the teachers. Her teacher was way hip. Much different than last years Barbie doll who was way into structure, structure, structure. This teacher was all about the kids doing their own thing which I love. Alyssa is all about her own thing.  I was looking at some of her work in her desk. There was a paper she had written titled “all about me”. She wrote about me, Jeff, Emma, Otis, Spooky, Minnie and her two pet guinea pigs. Yes, that is right, her two pet guinea pigs. This let me recommend to all of the parents out there. These pigs are so neat and clean and quiet that I don’t even see them. Yeah… we don’t have guinea pigs.  When I asked Alyssa why she wrote that we have two guinea pigs she said that it sounded good. At least she acknowledges the fact that we really don’t have any. She could claim that we do but only she can see them. I wouldn’t want the suckers to get loose and have Jeff step on one in the middle of the night. Invisible guinea guts are a hassle to clean off your shoe. I will deal with Alyssa and her imagination later.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

I had my review at work. I got an excellent score and I got a 3% raise. Which I am told is really high. Unfortunately, it breaks down to .39 cents more an hour. (sad music) It will hardly make a dent. I only have one party booked in the next few weeks but hope to get some soon. I sent out about 15- 20 flyers so if you get one, be a pal, book a party. I had two people from my past call in the past few weeks. It was really weird, I was totally thinking of them.

I need to shape my eyebrows. It is really bothering me.

Seriously. They are also thinning. I am one step from drawing a permanent surprise on my face with an eyebrow pencil.

My boobs are itchy. Does that mean money is coming?

Bass Pro bottled water is not bottled at the Bass pro shops from the aquarium where the mermaids swim. Do you want to know what the water tastes like? It is Bass without the B.

Is it wrong that I stop to listen to the Cheetah Girls sing Strut on Radio DIsney? Is it wrong that I watched the entire movie willingly?


Tuesday, September 5, 2006

So I am back. And to all three of my readers, thank you for your patience. We have a lot going on and I needed time to clear my thoughts. Some things I am not going to discuss here because I don’t know what to say.

We had an extremely busy week.

Last week we went back to Tuacahn in Utah to see Peter Pan. It was very sweet and we had some kick ass seats. It wasn’t as good as last year’s shows but it was very nice. We stayed at the same hotel and swam all weekend.  On Wednesday, it was the first day of school for Alyssa and Emma. Emma was so friggin cute. She was ready at 6:30 AM with her little back pack. She is eating it all up too. Alyssa loves her teacher and is already protesting the fact that you cannot eat with your friends at lunch but you have to stay with your class and eat. She has encouraged my mom to join the GPTO (Grandparents Parent teacher organization, it used to be PTA – Parent teacher association) to complain about it. Mama’s little radical. For Labor Day weekend we went camping with Nicole and her family. It was great being with everyone but I can honestly say that I am more of a hotel person than a tent person. The girls had a great time even though Emma burned through all of her clothes in the first day by falling in the creek three times. It was a really groovy weekend. I will have pictures of everything real soon. Pictures of Tuacahn are on the left.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I am


taking a break


 from my blog


 right now.


A siesta, if you will.


 I will return on September 5th, 2006


Sorry mom.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Oy, the week I had. On Monday I had a FUN party, On Wednesday we went to my mom's friend, Sue's house. On Thursday it was dinner and a movie with Emma, on Friday it was Pampered Chef at Nicole's, On Saturday it was a party at Mom's friend, Rhoda's house and today it was Chinese theme pot luck at Abbe's. I only have pictures at Rhoda's house but trust me, I am exhausted. This week will be a little quieter. We are going to Utah on Friday but that is it. Look to the left for the pics of the week.

 I don't have any parties booked until September 8th.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

She hate me

I lied to Emma. I feel really guilty about it. My BFF, Abbe, has a little girl who is BFF with Alyssa. She is friends with Emma too but Alyssa and This little girl are a little closer. Abbe has invited Alyssa to join them in an overnight trip. There will be two older girls there and Emma is one too many to watch which I completely understand. There are many issues I am having with this. I love that Alyssa was invited. She will have an absolute blast. Emma’s feelings will be hurt when she finds out where she went but I cannot expect them to do everything together. They are not joined at the hip nor are they the same age. They will have their own friends. But right now… they have the same friend and right now... It is Alyssa’s time to go with them. Why should I punish Alyssa and not let her go?

 Anyway... Tonight my mom and I are taking Emma to dinner and a movie and she will spend the night at grandmas. Alone, no Alyssa, which she is very excited about. But…….she thinks Alyssa will be home with us. She thinks that she is the only one that gets a special treat. She thinks…. And I lied and told her yes. I lied to her. Different then the lie I tell the kids about the library being closed just because I don’t feel like going. That lie has been handed down from my father to me when he told me that Rodeo Drive was closed in Beverly Hills that time I wanted to go. Different then the lie I told her about me being a mermaid and meeting Daddy on a rock where he saw me, fell in love therefore me getting my legs and living happily ever after. It is a lie, I told to my 5 year old which will make her cry when she finds out the truth and will lead… her… to…………therapy……………………….in a few years.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stressard of Oz

I used to be a very complex person, or so I thought. I was riddled by stress at all angles. In high school, it was whether or not  I would be asked to go party on Friday or if Stace and I could get away with staying at the dorms past midnight, or whether Mike* would choose me to hang with rather then the chick he was really in love with.

In College I was drowning in stress from my grades, to my roommate, to bills, and jobs. College was a really hard time for me because I honestly do not think that 18 is old enough to make decisions on your own. I stressed about a major and I stressed about my English teacher. She was this idiot who failed me because she hated my writing. I argued with her that I did the work, she shouldn’t fail me if the work was done and her not liking my writing was a matter of opinion. I hated her. We had an assignment to write about how a movie had impacted or lives.  I had written 8 pages on the Wizard of Oz and how each character represented something that Dorothy was looking for. (I.e. Courage, knowledge, heart, etc.) I wrote that it was actually Dorothy’s self worth that she was trying to get home not her physical body. I thought it was brilliant. I also wrote how I related with Dorothy, that I too was looking for courage, knowledge and a heart. She gave me a D for not understanding the project. She told me that I wrote a synopsis of the movie instead of the actual assignment. I saw that a person in my class wrote about “Top Gun” and she got a “B”.

 I wasn’t ready and I royally screwed things up. Later when I left then came back I was smarter and more patient. I wrote poetry and considered myself “deep” and complex. I wore cute clothes and hats and I lived in the now.

I have cooled down on my stressing lately. At least I hope I have. I have normal, rational stress now. The kids, money, the dogs, my job. My arms aren’t an itchy, scratchy excema mess that it once was.  I do eat a lot and it isn’t always because I am hungry. I cry a lot more now and it isn’t always because I am sad. I worry about the girls and what they are taking in and what they will become. I am constantly thinking and wish that sometimes I can just “shut down”



* Mike – my high school love that was in college and did not realize how much I really thought about him.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I get so mad at my bloggers when they don’t update their sites but I am not the best at updating either.


So I am done with my parties for the week and have made about $150-160. I feel pretty confident about doing it now and I try to make it a fun experience. I have another party on Monday. I am going to try and continue until about December. I would like to get more bookings though. Our open house went well except for the fact that my presentation was last and everybody had already spent their money on the other products. Oh well, My house was clean and that is always a good thing. Pictures are on Blogger to the left.

Once again, and this will be the last time… If any of my local readers want to book a party you get 10% of sales! What a deal. Plus a hostess gift. Ooooh wow. Lookie at the goodness here.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Our weatherman, Hunky Mcweather was wearing “Eternity” cologne today. He asked me to sniff him to see if he put on too much. It brought me right back to 1990 where two of my boyfriends wore the same scent. Jeremy and Bill. It was amazing how a smell brought me right back to that time in milla seconds. In 1990 I was way friggin cute and thin. Hot even. I wore cute little hats and was quick with a comeback. Not like now where something snappy comes to me three days after an argument.  It is embarrassing to call someone up and say “Remember what you said, well…. Ditto”  


I am such a different person now.  It’s a good thing.

Sunday, August 6, 2006

A couple of new shots for my mom who complains when I do not put new pics up. They are on Blogger.

I had my first party. It was pretty cool. I am glad it is over. I have one more on Wednesday.  I can get the hang of it.

Friday, August 4, 2006

A yearly post of some of the reasons why I love my kids.



  1. For being so excited about your homework project that you completed by yourself that you cannot wait to get to school to turn it in.
  2. Having more fashion sense then your mommy ever had.
  3. Helping your sister get started on the computer
  4. Giving her a bath and making sure she got all of the soap out.
  5. Getting so excited when you finish a book.
  6. Ice skating passion
  7. The ability to curl up in a miniscule ball on your daddy’s lap
  8. For telling us that no way do you want Emma to sleep in your bed but end up giggling and whispering with her all through the night when we make her sleep there  anyway.
  9. For watching TV upside down on your head for no particular reason.
  10. For coming into my car every day and telling me all of the third grade gossip that is going on.


  1. For being goofy and making us laugh after being at work all day.
  2. For pulling out that bottom lip and making it quiver when you want Daddy to do something for you.
  3. For your ability to imitate any accent you hear on TV perfectly.
  4. For showing us the inside of your mouth to convince us how hungry you really are.
  5. For wanting to write out my shopping list and for your ability to actually do it after I spell the words for you.
  6. For getting so mad at the dogs when they want to be near you.
  7. For changing your clothes every ten minutes and always ending up in a tutu of some sort.
  8. For constantly putting your hair behind your ears but refusing a barrette.
  9. For wanted to wear your panties backwards because they feel better that way.
  10. For being so in love with your tummy.


I may have mentioned these things the last time but believe me the love is still there. I am nutty about my kids. It is this dilemma that keeps me from possibly going forth with any baby plans. I do not want to alienate the girls in any way. I never want them to feel left out and I never ever want them to feel as though they are not as important as a new baby. On the flip side, I know Alyssa would be a huge help with a new baby and Emma will have a field day telling everyone that she is a big sister. The pros and cons are stacking up. I am not ready to make a decision.


Thursday, August 3, 2006

I have been at my job for a year. It went very fast. I am now waiting anxiously for my review so I can get a raise. I am hoping for at least 2-3 dollars more but I know that it will be more like $1 more. I see the budget; I know what is allotted for me. Jeff is actually talking to his boss about his future right now. I am praying about this meeting. It may determine my decision about another baby. I have decided that if I am going to do it, I need to do it very soon.  I am hoping that both of our futures look bright with our companies. 

 Our house is slowly coming together the way we want it too. I am so excited about it. Our living room is sort of 70’s, our den is 60’s, and our kitchen and dining room will hopefully be 50’s. That is the room we are still working on. Jeff is trying to make a deal to get some granite for the countertops. The ones now are very 80’s and they are old. We want to modernize with a vintage feel. Our downstairs bathroom is my favorite. It is orange and brown with some light greens and yellows. I love the feel of the room.

IF I said IF we had another baby their room would be what the toy room is now.  It also doubles as a guest room but we haven’t had any guests yet.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

I am getting ready for my first party on Saturday. I am hosting it. It will be with work friends so I can screw up and not feel stupid. I am nervous. My second party is on Wednesday, also at my house. It will be an open house with Pampered Chef, Creative Memories, my stuff, and Mary Kay. There will be demos of everything. You can even get a free facial and make over! If you are interested, and of course a local reader, you are welcome to join us. Email me for details.

The baby decision driving me nuts. I think about it constantly. Jeff isn’t. He kind of just goes with the flow. I need a sign. A sign to let me know which decision to make.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Maybe baby.

Lookie here, I took a little break now didn’t I? Well, it is about 300 degrees here in Vegas, Gross, sticky and muggy. Even our weathercaster calls it soupy. The air went out at the station and we were all a tad stanky. Hopefully it will rain this weekend to put an end to this madness.

My parents have been on vacation all week and you all know how I do when key people in my life are gone. I do not do well. I am a very selfish little girl who likes thing to stay the way they are. So tomorrow I am taking the girls to Ice skating by myself. L I know what you are thinking, in one sentence I am talking about 400 degree weather and the next I am talking up ice skating. But there is a place right up the street from us. It is very popular with the ice hockey crowd.

I find myself constantly thinking about Stace and her baby. Stace AND HER BABY!!! This is a girl who I used to drive around with in her dad’s 300Z blasting Salt and Pepa’s “Push it” with the T tops off.  This chick used to party with me! And forget the fact that I have two kids and have had them for almost 10 years... We are not talking about me; we are talking about Stace, my friend with the blue tail and pastel glasses. The girl I introduced to my mom as “my punk friend” back in 1984 even though she was wearing a white polka dot dress and white tights.

Anyway, I have been thinking not so much about her but about that baby. Jeff and I are still on the fence about having another. There are so many pros and cons that I am about to blow my mind. Money is a big con. We are always worried about money. I pay $200 in daycare a WEEK now. $200! …a week! That is a house payment a month. Next year Emma will be in public school next year and her after school care will be only $30 a week. That is heavenly. Another con is that I am almost 37 years old. Con concon. But the pro would be that I may not be finished yet. What do you think? I am torn. I do know that if I do have another I will partake in the epidural cocktail. Stace, you are 500 times the woman I am!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to TV Land for playing 48 hours back to back Brady Bunch episodes.

Jeers to my brother who works for the friggin channel and failed to mention the weekend to me even though he knows how obsessed I am about that show.

Cheers to Alyssa for getting addicted to the show at such an early age.

Jeers to me for making her watching it thus contributing to her addiction.

Cheers to Carol Brady for the line, “Sometimes when you lose, you win”

Jeers to Bobby Brady for thinking that putting beans in his flashlight for the little Indian boy was a good idea when in fact mixing beans with battery acid is probably a lethal combination.

Cheers to Emma for perfectly imitating Peter’s “pork chops and applesauce”

Jeers to me for actually making pork chops and applesauce for dinner thus causing her to repeat the phrase every minute for about two hours.

Friday, July 21, 2006

My sister in Law and her family



Ever Charis Dayment is here!!

Stace had her baby after almost 12 hours of labor WITHOUT DRUGS!!!!! Now I am not just saying that this kid is cute because I love Stace but this kid is cute even if I hated Stace. Check out her picture here. Congratulations to Stace and Sean. I haven't been this giddy about a baby in a very long time!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

C'mon babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Stace's water broke last night. She was only dialated to a 3, three hours ago. Her mom has been updating on the comments on her site. I haven't been this anxious for someone ese's kid in a long time. I feel like she is going to have a boy. I feel a boy.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Because Sheryl did it on her blog I want to do it too.

Day in the Life


6:10: wake up and lay in bed contemplating if I want to shower or not.

6:15: Put on my station to watch morning news. Giggle to myself as anchors make inside jokes on air and gush that I know what they are talking about.

6:18: Watch as cat that I picked out, purchased, loved, tries really hard to wake Jeff up so he can pet her. Even though my hands are perfectly good petters. She prefers Jeff to anyone else in the house. She swats her tail across Jeff’s face and body slams herself across his throat.

6:20: Decide that I need a shower. Go in bathroom and feed Harry Potter, my Beta fish.

6:22: Morning pee. Read a little of Jeff’s Guns and Ammo magazine and realize I have no idea what I just read.

6:25: Shower, shave shine rinse, repeat. Brush, spit

6:40: Look over clothes and hate every piece I pull out.

6:50: Change clothes at least three times

7:00: Wake Jeff up and tell him I am going downstairs. He grumbles and pets cat

7:10: Make lunch for day, toast for breakfast.  Look around to see what the dogs tore up during the night. Last night it was a half loaf of bread. Otis points at Spooky who has a bit of Weber wrap in his mouth. Spooky does look guilty but Otis doesn’t realize that Spooky can’t reach over the counter so I know that he had to have been the one to pull the bag down. I yell at Otis. He tells me he saw the cat knock it down and run away. I don’t believe him.

7:15 Put TV on and flip from Cosby show and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Think about how I hated the season with Dawn and Glory and decide not to put it back on for at least five more episodes when this season is over. Decide I hate this season where Rudy is grown up and has a trace of a mustache and flip through cable channels.

7:30 Call up to Jeff that I am leaving. Hear tiny little “goodbye mommy, I love you” from the two girls bedrooms Leave for work.

7:45: Get mad because Jeff still hasn’t installed my Sirius Radio and I am forced to listen to regular radio.

7:55: Arrive at work.

8:15: After catching up with morning producers I check all of my email accounts.

9:00 4pm producer going to convenience store next store asks if I want to come. Think about it and decide that I am not in the mood to walk over there in the already 100 degree heat.

9:15: Announce morning meeting

9:15 – 10:50: Morning work stuff. Get papers for my boss, type up expenses, etc.

11:00: teleprompt the mid day show

11:30: Answer contest line

12:00: do top secret station work. J

12:15: lunch

1:00: come back to desk, check emails and voice mail

4:00: More top secret stuff, and mail.

5:00: last minute top secret stuff.

5:15; leave work

5:45: Pick up Alyssa from after school care. Call her name. She sees me but pretends not too because she wants to finish her project she was working on or game she has started. Call her again, nothing. One of her friends tells her I am there and she has the nerve to look surprised and act surprised when I get angry.

5:50: Pick up Emma from day Care. Get really angry because Emma’s friends crawl all over Alyssa. She goes with the kids to see what they are doing and in the meantime lose Emma as she goes to get her papers from her locker. Emma falls down in a mini fit because she can’t carry all her papers and her doll that Jeff let her bring even though it is not allowed. Look and see that she is wearing a princess dress. “Daddy said I can wear it” steam up as all of the other mommies laugh at what Emma has decided to wear today. Look for Alyssa for 5 more minutes and realize that she has gone up front to wait for us.

6:05: Completely frazzled, leave day care. Emma: “I’m hungry”

6:10: Emma: “I’m hungry”

6:20: get home, get mail. Unstick cereal from bowls left over from breakfast with Jeff and the girls. Give up and soak them instead. Emma: “I’m hungry”

6:30: start dinner. Have dinner complete by 7:20. Emma: “I’m hungry” Give Emma a bite of the dinner. She doesn’t want I,t she wants macanoni. Watch as Emma throws a complete fit because we are not having macanoni.

7:20: Jeff calls to say he is leaving now from work. He is 20 minutes late.

7:25: Holding everything back not to throw entire dinner in garbage because it will be ruined and coagulated by the time he gets home. Make macanoni and cheese for the girls.

7:45: set table and eat and watch as Jeff picks at his food. “I had a late lunch”

7:46 Think about ways to seriously hurt Jeff that would make him cry.

8:00: Jeff does dishes because he knows I am mad. (He actually always does the dishes)

8:15: Get in the 50th fight with Alyssa in one hour for her to finish her homework.

9:00: Kiss the girls goodnight and wait with excitement to hear the excuses they come up with, not to go to sleep.) Emma: “I’m hungry”

9:30: Chill with Jeff watching TV and eating sunflower seeds until we can’t feel our lips.

11:00 go upstairs to go to bed. Turn on news

11:30 realize that I can no longer hear the TV over Jeff’s snores and flip it off. Fall asleep