Wednesday, December 28, 2005

There will be changes this year so help me......

We had a wonderful and relaxing Holiday. On Friday the 23rd we went to Abbe's for some festive frolic and food. We had so much fun. This year we picked names to hand make a gift. This was incredibly stressful for us. Jeff picked Jacque and made a plaster of Paris mold of his hand (ala preschool!) He was so very proud of his gift to her. She had his name and made this absolutely amazing blanket with pictures of his life on it. It was so thoughtful and beautiful that the little school bag I made for Abbe seemed really small and stupid. I owe her a scarf HANDMADE by me. Abbe had Alyssa's name and she was amazing. She made a mezuzah out of clay. She MADE A MEZUZAH!!! With the torah parchment inside!!! And I gave her a school bag that I colored on.  Allie had my name. She made a fish terranium with a live betta in it. And I made Abbe a dopey book bag with a picture of a bird on it.  As you can guess, I am not happy with the gift I made for Abbe.  Anyway. we had a great night. My father was extremely bitter that I won trivia pursuit. I think that these happy pills the DR gave me are making me smarter.

On Saturday ( Christmas Eve) My mom, the kids and I went shopping!! That's right, shopping. It wasn't too bad. The girls would stay in the car with wither my mom or me. We would switch off.

We had a fabulous, homey dinner that night. It was so relaxing and sweet.

The girls went to bed surprisingly early after putting out the reindeer food, milk and key lime pie for Santa. (we didn't have cookies)

Christmas rocked. My parents gave me a new diamond pendant. We had a killer bagel and lox brunch.

The girls made out like bandits.

On Sunday evening we lit the first candle of chanakah at my mom's friend, Sue's house.

It was really nice.

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lvgaber said...

Holidays would not be the same without you and your family. Every gift you gave came from the heart. It meant so much to my family and me. Keep popping those happy pills and hopefully they too, are fretfree pills.  You are da bomb in my life. 2006 is it my friend!