Wednesday, December 21, 2005

There is a fungus amung us

Everybody at work is sick. They all have the same thing. We are seriously working with a skeleton staff. It kinda sucks when you work in a news station because the news doesn't wait for the robotussin to kick in.

4 more days until Christmas and Chanankah. This year Jeff and i will attempt to make latkas. We got each other new cell phones. They are nifty. They have a camera on them. We each downloaded a song that would ring when the other called. When Jeff calls on my phone it plays the theme to the Dukes of Hazzard. and when I call him it plays "Brown eyed girl" It took us forever to decide what to use. When Abbe calls me it plays the theme to "the People Court" She is really into that show and got me into it too.


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lvgaber said...

I knew you all wanted a threesome. I can't be bought. Even with Judge Milian. However, I am flattered you paid $1.99 for my services.

So proud you got the hook up! 'bout time you all did somethang for yourselves.

Last but not least...Don't EVEN bring that typhoid Mary germ over to my house on Christmas Eve Eve. I'm still paying on that Summerlin Hospital bill from May!