Friday, December 9, 2005

So I was going to send out my usual place Holiday update letter again this year. I started writing and realized that besides my new job, this has been a kinda crappy year for me. My Uncle passed away in March, My Cornea was removed and replaced in May and I have been neurologically ill since about August. Some nice things did happen though. We had a fab time in the Big Apple for a week, we had a fab time in Laguna and as I mentioned before, I have a fab job here now. I didn’t really have too much to write about because everyone here at Cyndiblock Talk knows how amazing my girls have been and how beautiful I think they are. And for the most part I do wish everybody to have a happy holiday. And as for the usual family snapshot, Emma and Alyssa will be drawing family pictures this year using a finely sharpened crayon.


We didn’t get our tree yet because I was insanely exhausted last night. I barely kept awake during CSI. This one was adequate. The last couple of shows have been tearjerkers and I am very happy that they made George Eads shave off his 70’s porn star mustache.

Hopefully tonight we will get our tree.

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