Sunday, December 18, 2005

no doubt

This has been an emotional and trying week for me. Not only did I find out I was loopy but I had to go one and be Super mommy. We had so much to do and it isn't really fair to take my crazies out on the kids. Thursday night was Alyssa's Holiday show. She was wonderful!! I was so proud of her. She sang and danced her little heart out.  But then there was Saturday. The story I am about to tell you is true. The names have not been changed to protect anyone.

We had two birthday parties to go to on Saturday. I have to honestly say that this the worst part about having kids. All these friggin birthday parties. Well the day started out wonderful. We (my mom, me, Alyssa and Emma) Went to IHOP to have breakfast. While we were there, The hostess told us about the Christmas festival they were going to have in the shopping center we were in.  The best part, it was all going to be free! Me likeeee free. They were having pictures with Santa, free stockings, petting zoo, balloon maker and face painter and then after you could make a Christmas craft. It was great. The best part??? I didn't have to go to the mall to get the girls pictures with Santa!

So we did this for an hour then we went to Target to finish up some shopping. All a very pleasant experience.  Then it changed.

Our first party was at 1PM at McDonald's for Emma's friend, Kayla. We get there at 1:10. Kayla and her dad and brother were there but nothing was going on. People were showing up but nothing was happening. The father was just sitting there. I asked Kayla where her mommy was. She sad the MGM. That didn't sound right so I asked her father, He said she went to the DMV and was on her way back. That was odd, Who decides to go to the DMV on 1. her daughter's birthday party 2. On a Saturday at 1 PM.  Apparently the father didn't want to start anything (Ie: Food, cake, presents) until the mother arrived. By 1:40 she still hadn't arrived and he was still sitting. The party was supposed to be over by 2.PM and our next party actually started at 2 PM a was across town at the strip. (Yes, the strip on the first day of Winter break, on a Saturday) We left at 1:45 because NOTHING WAS HAPPENING. SO we drove to Circus Circus Adventure Dome. AKA the other white meat of Hell other then Chuckee Cheese)  This place was mobbed. My mom asked who would make people drive to the strip on a Saturday?? These freaky ass rich moms that's who. So we get there at 2:30. after an 8 mile walk from the parking garage to the actual party place. Remember the party was supposed to start at 2PM. We walked in and a lady, or rather I say 16 year old employee walked up to us and asked us if we were here for Ann Mari's party. We said yes and she told us that they weren't there yet. That's right, 30 minutes late to their own party. Just then another mom and kids walk up to us and tells me that she is a friend of An Mari's mom and they had gotten into an accident on the way to the party. They were OK but were waiting for the cops to come. Would we like some complimentary rock climbing tickets in the meantime?  Did you see what my kids were wearing? We walked and walked and walked around and around and around looking for the rock climbing wall. I really wish they would've told me to go right because it was right on the right hand side of where we were standing.  Alyssa didn't want to do the rock climbing wall once she saw the skeezy man running it and I wasn't happy with her climbing up with a rope that may or may not beattached properly because this guy makes $1.85 an hour. But we did bump into the birthday girls mom's friend again. At this time it was 3PM. She told me that she called her and they were still waiting for a tow truck because  car was undriveable. Probably another our to two hours. That was our cue to go. As soon as we walked the 8 miles back to the car and got ourselves buckled in, Emma said she had to go potty. I said "hold it because there was no way I was getting out of that car until we were miles from it. The girls were starving so we drove back to the McDonald's by my house which also happened to be the same one that Kaylas's party was at. We get there at 3:40. My mom takes Emma to the bathroom while Alyssa and I go through the drive thru. And lo and behold. Kayla's party was still going on. 2 1/2 hours later. I almost went in but I was exhausted by then. Besides, Emma was crying because she got a "boy toy" in her happy meal and I could feel myself going nuts, well, nuttier. Well anyway, pictures are here of the day.

The end.

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lvgaber said...

Why don't you try to write a fictional story on your own time? Quit tying up the blogs. Like this could ever happen.

Maybe someone should stop reading so much Harry Potter.