Thursday, December 8, 2005

I’m in a foul mood today. My legs hurt and it is payday. Payday means bill day and I have so many friggin bills this week. I hate giving away my money. Now that I have steady pay I want to keep all that money stuff to myself.


Just about finished the shopping. I have three more things to get and I am done. Hopefully we will get our tree tonight. Ever since Jeff got the 56’ he likes to get the Christmas tree and tie it to the roof ALA The Christmas Story. I love having a Christmas tree. When I was growing up my father would never let us have it. He was raised as a religious Jew and basically thought that a Christmas tree was a stupid purchase. I got my first one for $5 at a flea market. Funny enough, most of the things in my life growing up came from the flea market. My dog, Coco, my cell phone, my car, my Radio flyer wagon, and my second born.  My father is a connoisseur of the flea market. If you tell him to find something he will.

The girl’s holiday plays are coming up. Emma is singing “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” Not a solo but it should be, the kid can belt out a tune. In her 4 yr old head, this song is the funniest thing she has ever heard of. SANTA kissing her MOMMY! It cracks the kid up. I may have to get Jeff a Santa suit so we can get a picture of me kissing him.

Hello to my sad big brother who is all alone because his wife Julia flew home to Russia. Oh you poor little baby has to fly out there to spend Christmas with her. W-ah. Christmas in Russia, what a huge sacrifice. Although I do hear that it is 900 below there. Bring me back one of those funky dolls that fit in to each other, that or some vodka.  

I told you I was in a foul mood.

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