Friday, December 9, 2005

Another one???

For five minutes today I seriously thought about having another baby. I mean seriously!! I thought about where the baby would sleep (with Emma, Alyssa would get her own room out of the den) and what the baby’s name would be. (Jackson or Jacob for a boy and Maya for a girl)

 I am probably getting all these thoughts because Stace is pregnant and my sister in law in pregnant and another friend, Candace is pregnant. I also thought about how Jeff’s sister and brother both have three kids (Leann soon).

I am also curious as if we would have a boy or not, and what possibly would the next one look like. I have a blonde haired blue eyed girl and a red head, green eyed girl. (Go figure)

 But then I thought about how tired I am now, how my hips hurt so badly in the morning, about how I just want to be alone with Jeff and travel the country in a RV. Besides, I am going to be 36 in March and if I were to do this sperm/ egg thing, it would have to be soon. And then there is my mental health. Could I handle it? I cry all the time as it is now.

 And why can’t I live vicariously through Stace, LeAnn and Candace. Alyssa doesn’t want any more brothers or sisters anyway.


I figure that I have three more good fertilizing years on me.

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