Monday, November 14, 2005

Wizard of Laguna

We watched Wizard of Oz the other night because it was on. We have the DVD but we never watch that. Catching it when you least expect it makes it so much better. Well, we watched it and after the 100,988,876,544,300th time watching it you start to focus on other issues then Dorothy and the witch. First off, isn’t anyone concerned with the fact that there is a dead woman under a house? As nasty as she was, she still dead and it is pretty morbid that that are all singing about it. Gary Larson had a cartoon once that had Vikings coming back to their ship after a hard day of raping and pillaging. They came back and you can see that the dog on the boat was wagging his tail because he was happy to see them. As nasty as they were, someone will be happy that they are home. Which brings me back to TWOO? The wicked witch of the West was angry that someone killed her sister. I’d be pissed too.  Also why is Dorothy so quick to decide that she wants to go home so bad?? As far as I am concerned, Aunt Em wasn’t so nice to her.  And  seemed so dreary and dusty. Oz was pretty and clean. She didn’t even give it a chance.  Jeff and I were discussing another favorite movie of ours, Clerks. In it they discuss the fact that the Death Star was being rebuilt in Return of The Jedi. They must of had hundreds of contractors and their families living on it while it was being rebuilt. Then Luke and his friends blow it back up again. What about the innocent people just trying to make a hard earned living??  They are all dead.

So the family is off to California. They left this morning. They just called to tell me that they were at the airport waiting for Rick and Julia to come in. I was a nervous wreck last night. Not that Ididn’t trust my mom with my kids, it’s just that I don’t trust Emma with my parents. She is a bit on the “do only what she wants to do” side.  And my 65 yr old father loves to argue with the 4 yr old waif. Alyssa is usually pretty godd and the only one that knows how to use the car DVD player. Jeff and I will be there on Friday. We actually slept through the night and didn’t have a sticky sweaty butt in our face this morning.  Or Emma’s large face right next to mine talking in a loud whisper “Is it wakeup time yet?”   

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