Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Life is just moving along. This week is going slowly. That is because we are going on our trip next weekend. The girls of course are leaving on Monday. We have big plans for that week. Hopefully we will actually do it. We want to separate the bunk beds and paint the room pink. The girls don’t know yet because I want to see if we actually do it first. I would like to get new bedspreads too.  We also have huge plans to do all the laundry. Exciting stuff. Jeff and I have tons of stuff to go through. We also plan on walking around buck-naked the entire week so you may want to steer clear of this house for a while.

We have no real plans for Thanksgiving except that we are hanging at Abbe’s. They love Thanksgiving and actually have it several times during the year. So we may be different and not do it on actual thanksgiving. Jeff has to work until 7 anyway. It is Christmas that I care about the most anyway. 

We are planning a trip to East Texas in April and I cannot wait. The last time we drove across the states, Emma was still in my belly.

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