Friday, November 25, 2005

The Holidays

Thanksgiving was very nice. We were at Abbes and it was perfect. My parents stopped by and everyone laughed a lot.

The day after Thanksgiving is not only a huge shopping day but the kick off of 24/7 Christmas music on one of our radio stations. I actually enjoy listening to Christmas music. This year I seem to be very emotional. Certain songs make me tear up. I have doing that a lot lately. Videos make me cry. Commercials and the songs Happy Birthday sung by children and the National Anthem, Our what we were thankful for speeches last night and the fact that Alyssa said her friends, family and God and that Emma said that she was thankful for the turkey.


My obsession with my Harry Potter book has turned into something not unlike a heroin addiction. I can't get enough, I think about it all the time and I am alienating my friends and family to be closer to it. If I could liquefy it and inject it I would. I actually started on the last book and was miffed by the fact that it is smaller then the last and in a larger font. I have not seen the movie yet but will do soon. I am hesitant to start this book passionately because once I finish I will be like the rest of the muggles waiting for the 7th and final book.  

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