Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Baby Factory

My friend Stace  got herself knocked up real good. My sister in law, LeAnn also got herself knocked up real good but we aren't supposed to know (giggle) It 's not like we wouldn't notice in April Baby girl Tatum. And Marti, if this is supposed to be a secret then forget everything you just read and no, Jen didn't tell me anything.

Friday, November 25, 2005

The Holidays

Thanksgiving was very nice. We were at Abbes and it was perfect. My parents stopped by and everyone laughed a lot.

The day after Thanksgiving is not only a huge shopping day but the kick off of 24/7 Christmas music on one of our radio stations. I actually enjoy listening to Christmas music. This year I seem to be very emotional. Certain songs make me tear up. I have doing that a lot lately. Videos make me cry. Commercials and the songs Happy Birthday sung by children and the National Anthem, Our what we were thankful for speeches last night and the fact that Alyssa said her friends, family and God and that Emma said that she was thankful for the turkey.


My obsession with my Harry Potter book has turned into something not unlike a heroin addiction. I can't get enough, I think about it all the time and I am alienating my friends and family to be closer to it. If I could liquefy it and inject it I would. I actually started on the last book and was miffed by the fact that it is smaller then the last and in a larger font. I have not seen the movie yet but will do soon. I am hesitant to start this book passionately because once I finish I will be like the rest of the muggles waiting for the 7th and final book.  

Monday, November 21, 2005

It was Joe Lewis not Frazier

Silly me, A Joe is a Joe is a Joe. Anyway, came home from Laguna last night. Despite Alyssa imitating Reagan from the Exorcist on the first night we were there. I don't know what happened but I do know that Emma was doing a pretty good imitation of her the whole week before we got there. Pictures are here.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A tale of many Joes

Joe Montana came to our studio today to talk about his fight with high blood pressure. The station was in a frenzy. The girls were all giddy and the guys were acting cool. One of our reporters, Cheryl was very excited and went home to pick up about 10 footballs for him to sign. Mericia went to the sports store to buy her boyfriend one for Christmas. We were all pretty excited. He was so cool and signed everything we had. This is really strange but I have this thing with sports stars named Joe. When we were little and hob-nobbing at the Dunes, My mother asked the boxer Joe Frazier to look over us for a minute. The exact details are sketchy but I know he did it. Oddly enough, I am not sure if my mom actually knew who Joe Frazier was and basically asked a stranger to watch her kids. The second Joe was Joe Dimaggio. Once again while hobnobbing at the Dunes we met Mr Coffee and took our picture with him. I will get that picture up soon. And then at CES show in Vegas I met Joe Namith. Apparently a huge football star, I asked him about appearing on the Brady Bunch. He told me at the time that it was one of the worst experiences of his life, and then he laughed and kissed me. (I was way cute then) I later met him again at a senior event years later and asked him the same question about the Brady Bunch and he said that it was one of the best experiences of his life.  I now need to meet a Basketball player named Joe. Is there any? Pictures of Joe here

Monday, November 14, 2005

Wizard of Laguna

We watched Wizard of Oz the other night because it was on. We have the DVD but we never watch that. Catching it when you least expect it makes it so much better. Well, we watched it and after the 100,988,876,544,300th time watching it you start to focus on other issues then Dorothy and the witch. First off, isn’t anyone concerned with the fact that there is a dead woman under a house? As nasty as she was, she still dead and it is pretty morbid that that are all singing about it. Gary Larson had a cartoon once that had Vikings coming back to their ship after a hard day of raping and pillaging. They came back and you can see that the dog on the boat was wagging his tail because he was happy to see them. As nasty as they were, someone will be happy that they are home. Which brings me back to TWOO? The wicked witch of the West was angry that someone killed her sister. I’d be pissed too.  Also why is Dorothy so quick to decide that she wants to go home so bad?? As far as I am concerned, Aunt Em wasn’t so nice to her.  And  seemed so dreary and dusty. Oz was pretty and clean. She didn’t even give it a chance.  Jeff and I were discussing another favorite movie of ours, Clerks. In it they discuss the fact that the Death Star was being rebuilt in Return of The Jedi. They must of had hundreds of contractors and their families living on it while it was being rebuilt. Then Luke and his friends blow it back up again. What about the innocent people just trying to make a hard earned living??  They are all dead.

So the family is off to California. They left this morning. They just called to tell me that they were at the airport waiting for Rick and Julia to come in. I was a nervous wreck last night. Not that Ididn’t trust my mom with my kids, it’s just that I don’t trust Emma with my parents. She is a bit on the “do only what she wants to do” side.  And my 65 yr old father loves to argue with the 4 yr old waif. Alyssa is usually pretty godd and the only one that knows how to use the car DVD player. Jeff and I will be there on Friday. We actually slept through the night and didn’t have a sticky sweaty butt in our face this morning.  Or Emma’s large face right next to mine talking in a loud whisper “Is it wakeup time yet?”   

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I have so many scarves to make for Christmas. I want to make one for each of my bosses. I owe one to Jacque and one to Abbe's daughter, Allie. I am so behind. I hope to get some done this week while the girls are away. I may have to put Harry Potter down for a moment. Did I mention that I am on book 5, Order of the Phoenix? I cannot wait until Goblet of Fire opens. I have a little sick crish on 16 year old  Daniel Radcliffe.   *gush*

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Life is just moving along. This week is going slowly. That is because we are going on our trip next weekend. The girls of course are leaving on Monday. We have big plans for that week. Hopefully we will actually do it. We want to separate the bunk beds and paint the room pink. The girls don’t know yet because I want to see if we actually do it first. I would like to get new bedspreads too.  We also have huge plans to do all the laundry. Exciting stuff. Jeff and I have tons of stuff to go through. We also plan on walking around buck-naked the entire week so you may want to steer clear of this house for a while.

We have no real plans for Thanksgiving except that we are hanging at Abbe’s. They love Thanksgiving and actually have it several times during the year. So we may be different and not do it on actual thanksgiving. Jeff has to work until 7 anyway. It is Christmas that I care about the most anyway. 

We are planning a trip to East Texas in April and I cannot wait. The last time we drove across the states, Emma was still in my belly.

Sunday, November 6, 2005

Is anyone there??

So I have lost 6.5 lbs already and I know that it is a small pebble in a large pond. It's something. A very slow moving something. But I am not going anywhere. I am staying on this train. I mean, c'mon, its November already and time is going fast enough. We saw Zathura yesterday and the whole time I was saying" What a rip off of Jumanji." Then I found out it is from the makers of Jumanji and it was friggin wonderful. The girls were a little freaked  but I loved it. We had preview tickets so we saw an advanced screening. I adore Jon Favreau Because "let me ask you, Am I the Ultimate Champion of the world?" He was good with Dinner for Five but you could never find it on cable. The girls and my parents are going to Laguna next week. They will be joined  my brother and my sister in law. Jeff and I will be joining them on the following weekend. The shopping season is starting at Bass Pro and November is sweeps and no one gets time off.  So we can't go any earlier. But let me tell you, I adore those kids but a week with Jeff alone is way yummy.