Monday, October 3, 2005

Whole foods is not for geeks like us

So, we go to Whole Foods yesterday to pick up a special dessert cheese for my Noodle pudding that I am making for Rosh Hashanah on Tuesday. I know that I can probably get this cheese in a million other places but I always feel cool going into Whole Foods.  They have cool stuff. However, Square pegs do not fit into round holes. And by that I mean my mother and I. Everyone there is very sophisticated and hip. They know exactly what they need and they shop there all the time. We are sniffing the soaps, eating the gluten free muffin samples and sipping the whey milk.  We bring our purchases up to the checkout and after scanning two or three items, the lady tells us that we are in the express lane. My mother is very sorry and embarrassed and apologizes to the waif with the one item behind us.  The cashier tells her the amount and my mom hands her the checks. $20 short of the actual amount because she heard her wrong. Apologizing again to the waif who just nods and shifts from one foot to the other and watches her lettuce wilt from her salad.

My mom writes out a new check and hands it over. The cashier hands it back and politely tells my mom that we are in Whole Foods not Wild Oats and she made her check out wrong. Completely flustered and shaking now, my mom starts on her third check and can’t even make eye contact with the waif.


Rushing out in a hurry, we decided that we are not Whole Foods material and we should stick with your run of the mill supermarkets.


Fun weekend otherwise, On Saturday the girls and I went to the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk at the J. W. Marriot. They had over 5000 people show up and it was very emotional. My work was one of the sponsors and it was cool to see everybody casually.  This was a big day because it was the first time the co workers met the spawn, as my father likes to call my children. It was very early and Emma is far from an early bird so she was a tad grumpy but Alyssa did well. The Marriot is right next to the Suncoast so Emma kept asking if we can go there after. (Such a Vegas kid) But if anyone knows Emma well, she has a tendency to repeat herself every three seconds until she gets what she wants. Not so cute. Pictures are here. It was a really cool event to kick off National Breast Cancer month.


Alyssa became class representative for the student council on Friday which is no doubt the start of her political career. We are very proud of her

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