Tuesday, October 18, 2005

In all of the commotion..

I forgot to mention that it was baby boy Tatum's 35th birthday on Sunday. The girls and I made him dinner, ( Pot roast and mashed taters) decorated, (crepe paper and plastic blow bubbles -the ones you put a dab of goo on a straw and blow) and gave him gifts ( A stretch lizard from the Utah museum, daddy cookies and truffles from Harry and David and 4 tissues from Emma) She wrapped them herself with another tissue that she colored. We had a fabulous chocolate cake which we put sparklers on. We then threw out the cake because the metal sparks from the sparklers were all over it. We ate the chocolate truffles instead and Jeff tried to stop Alyssa fom crying about the cake. A good time was had by all.


PS: to Julia and Rick ; I haven't stopped laughing about " Not funny Baby." That cracks me up.

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