Monday, October 31, 2005

happy halloweenie

I see a pattern that I am only writing on Mondays. I will try and change that.

Busy Busy weekend. On Saturday the girls and my mom and I went to a pumpkin patch. A plethora of employees without teeth helped us on some of the attractions as well as buying three perfect pumpkins. They had a petting zoo where I could’ve sworn that the employee there was wearing those fake hillbilly teeth. To my surprise, she was not.  And let me tell you something about my mom. People without teeth LOVE talking to her and telling her personal things about themselves. Mom is well knowledged on the fact that Toothless Tina‘s birthstone is a diamond, that her birthday is in April and she hates it because engagement rings are diamond.  

They also had a trapeze set that Alyssa went on which scared the crap out of me. I think she was a little frightened too because it went really high.

They also had a slide that Emma had a hard time climbing because she had decided to wear a prom gown that day. The best thing was that when she slid down the slide, her dress acted like a parachute and flew up to show everyone her yellow panties. The pictures are great and will be ready to see tomorrow after I upload them to flikr. Saturday night the girls and I baked cupcakes and when Jeff came home we carved pumpkins. It was a real Beaver Cleaver Halloween. Tonight we go to Abbe’s to beg for chocolaty goodness and eat a potato bar.

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