Monday, October 31, 2005


happy halloweenie

I see a pattern that I am only writing on Mondays. I will try and change that.

Busy Busy weekend. On Saturday the girls and my mom and I went to a pumpkin patch. A plethora of employees without teeth helped us on some of the attractions as well as buying three perfect pumpkins. They had a petting zoo where I could’ve sworn that the employee there was wearing those fake hillbilly teeth. To my surprise, she was not.  And let me tell you something about my mom. People without teeth LOVE talking to her and telling her personal things about themselves. Mom is well knowledged on the fact that Toothless Tina‘s birthstone is a diamond, that her birthday is in April and she hates it because engagement rings are diamond.  

They also had a trapeze set that Alyssa went on which scared the crap out of me. I think she was a little frightened too because it went really high.

They also had a slide that Emma had a hard time climbing because she had decided to wear a prom gown that day. The best thing was that when she slid down the slide, her dress acted like a parachute and flew up to show everyone her yellow panties. The pictures are great and will be ready to see tomorrow after I upload them to flikr. Saturday night the girls and I baked cupcakes and when Jeff came home we carved pumpkins. It was a real Beaver Cleaver Halloween. Tonight we go to Abbe’s to beg for chocolaty goodness and eat a potato bar.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Thank you Grandma, Pop Pop and Abbe

I had an amazing weekend with my husband. We were sans children and we were a couple in love instead of mommy and daddy for 48 hours. Not that there is anything wrong with mommy and daddy, but we had 2 days where we were simply, Jeff and Cyndi. And it was perfectly groovy.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Deeper into the dork forest. past the Buffy people.......

CSI was so good last night. It ripped me apart. We were getting worried because the last few weren’t that hot. We are upset that they only have one story instead of two now. But it was really good.

I finished my 4th Harry Potter yesterday and immediately turned it over and started reading it again. There were too many details that I missed. Plus I want to be on top of it when the movie comes out next month.  I am such the 11 year old boy!!! I just get so lost in this world. I haven’t been so excited by a book since Judy Blume and Are you there God it’s me Margaret? Where I learned all about being a pre pubescent teen.


I hopefully have an exciting weekend planned but I don't want to jinx it so I will tell you about it when I come back.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

In all of the commotion..

I forgot to mention that it was baby boy Tatum's 35th birthday on Sunday. The girls and I made him dinner, ( Pot roast and mashed taters) decorated, (crepe paper and plastic blow bubbles -the ones you put a dab of goo on a straw and blow) and gave him gifts ( A stretch lizard from the Utah museum, daddy cookies and truffles from Harry and David and 4 tissues from Emma) She wrapped them herself with another tissue that she colored. We had a fabulous chocolate cake which we put sparklers on. We then threw out the cake because the metal sparks from the sparklers were all over it. We ate the chocolate truffles instead and Jeff tried to stop Alyssa fom crying about the cake. A good time was had by all.


PS: to Julia and Rick ; I haven't stopped laughing about " Not funny Baby." That cracks me up.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Tuacahn Part deux

So we attempted it again but this time it was a successful trip. We had a blast! We saw Beauty and the Beast and Joseph and the Technicolor Dream coat. Both were amazing and made me sad for my old theater lifestyle and friends. We went to “Beauty” on Friday night and “Joseph on Saturday. Saturday afternoon we went to a museum with loads of stuffed dead animals. As Alyssa said,” This is just like daddy’s work” For some reason, Alyssa got a little weepy about all the dead animals and started moping about the dead stuffed Dik Dik. Emma on the other hand was shaking hands with the dead, stuffed Kangaroo. Ying and yang. It was a fabulous trip and we had a neato time. PICTURES

Sunday, October 9, 2005

renaissance fair

Abbe and I took the kids to a major freak show today. The Renaissance fair. It is where the deadheads and trekkies go during off season. It is a huge freak show and if you don't believe me, the pictures are here. Feel free to comment and read the extra notes I put in.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

What is worse?

Having to pluck a hair from your chin or having that hair be white?

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Happy New Year

Leshanah Tovah! It is the Jewish New Years and my mom had a fabulous spread. We had a great time and ate tons of foodage. Pictures are here.

The Tao of pee

I go to the bathroom at least three times a day at work. Less if I am busy. Why an I telling you this? Well, it is really something that I don’t think about. I get that little feeling, I go to the bathroom, and I pee. Well, at work we have two stalls. Two stalls for about 50 women. Funny enough though I usually find myself alone in there which is how I like it. But when a small town celebrity such as one of our anchor women goes there at the same time as I do, I feel pressure to perform correctly. I feel as though they are listening and I find it hard to concentrate of my urinary duties. And God Forbid I have something else going on then I have to wait until the bathroom is empty because it just won’t happen. Is this too much info? Because lets face it, everybody has the same thoughts, nobody talks about it. If I have to do a two then I have to literally wait until the other person flushes so I don’t make noise. But at least I can go in a foreign bathroom. I know several men who can only do a two in their own home. That is just silly. It’s bad for your tummy to hold in.

And while we are on the subject… Emma who is already established herself as an odd duck, sings when she pees. That is how Jeff knows when she is really going and not faking us out. She sings a little song. I proved this last March at my brother’s place in New York Emma had to go and we muted the TV to hear her little tune. I don’t know why she does this, she just does. If she has to poop she wants no one in the room at all. She has to have the door closed and it is really serious business for her.

Alyssa likes company and wants me to tell her the story of when Jeff and I met. She has heard it a million times. “In prison….”   “Oh… prison”

Emma also refers to sleeping naked as sleeping in her butt.

Too much? Well that is what you get when I don’t write for awhile.

Monday, October 3, 2005

Whole foods is not for geeks like us

So, we go to Whole Foods yesterday to pick up a special dessert cheese for my Noodle pudding that I am making for Rosh Hashanah on Tuesday. I know that I can probably get this cheese in a million other places but I always feel cool going into Whole Foods.  They have cool stuff. However, Square pegs do not fit into round holes. And by that I mean my mother and I. Everyone there is very sophisticated and hip. They know exactly what they need and they shop there all the time. We are sniffing the soaps, eating the gluten free muffin samples and sipping the whey milk.  We bring our purchases up to the checkout and after scanning two or three items, the lady tells us that we are in the express lane. My mother is very sorry and embarrassed and apologizes to the waif with the one item behind us.  The cashier tells her the amount and my mom hands her the checks. $20 short of the actual amount because she heard her wrong. Apologizing again to the waif who just nods and shifts from one foot to the other and watches her lettuce wilt from her salad.

My mom writes out a new check and hands it over. The cashier hands it back and politely tells my mom that we are in Whole Foods not Wild Oats and she made her check out wrong. Completely flustered and shaking now, my mom starts on her third check and can’t even make eye contact with the waif.


Rushing out in a hurry, we decided that we are not Whole Foods material and we should stick with your run of the mill supermarkets.


Fun weekend otherwise, On Saturday the girls and I went to the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk at the J. W. Marriot. They had over 5000 people show up and it was very emotional. My work was one of the sponsors and it was cool to see everybody casually.  This was a big day because it was the first time the co workers met the spawn, as my father likes to call my children. It was very early and Emma is far from an early bird so she was a tad grumpy but Alyssa did well. The Marriot is right next to the Suncoast so Emma kept asking if we can go there after. (Such a Vegas kid) But if anyone knows Emma well, she has a tendency to repeat herself every three seconds until she gets what she wants. Not so cute. Pictures are here. It was a really cool event to kick off National Breast Cancer month.


Alyssa became class representative for the student council on Friday which is no doubt the start of her political career. We are very proud of her