Monday, September 12, 2005

*** WARNING if you are some of those people that I know and love that are against the reading of the book I am about to speak about, please kindly keep your thoughts to yourself. You know I love you but this is America where one may read ANYTHING they choose and form their own opinions about.  If you are against such reading material, then do not read it. I don’t believe in anyone telling anyone what to read, watch, listen to or do with his or her bodies. Thank you, now read on.


5 or so years too late and I am finally getting into Harry Potter. I got the first book from a thrift store for a dollar. It took me several tries to get into it but I finally did and could not put it down. It is so much fun!!!!  I finished it after three days. That may seem like a while for some of the 6th graders that read this site. (I have a huge 6th grade fan base) But hey, wait until you sniveling little brats pop out a few kids and see how long it takes you to finish a whole book. The only time I get 5 minutes of straight through reading is in the bathroom.  Anyway. I love it!!!! I am one of the millions of people that get it. Everyone talks about the book and I never got what they were speaking about. I am deep inside book two and I found this site that has a glossary and pronunciation guide. Plus fun facts.

I have been a tad ill for the past few days too. I get sick about twice a year. I am achy, hot and hoarse. Not a real big hoarse, maybe a little pony. HA. But I was sent home today from my fabo job and that made me kind of sad. Who will run the teleprompter???!! Who will answer the 11am contest line??  How did they do it all two months ago? Just kidding. They did quite well actually. 

Yesterday we went back to Abbe’s for some grubbins. Above is a picture of Nicole talking to her son, Gage and Emma because they were just kissing on the lips. She was trying very hard not to laugh because face it; it was all Emma’s doing and Gage is just a pawn in her hand. She wears the panties in that relationship

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