Friday, September 30, 2005


I have been horrible on the update desk lately. I used to write very friggin day and now it is lucky if I update once a week. Believe me; things are going on my friend. Exciting, thrilling family things.  Why only last week did my mom and I take the girls to Las Vegas to go on a boat ride and eat a fabulous lunch in an outdoor cafĂ©. Of course it was really windy so the boat ride didn’t happen and Emma’s plate of fries ended up on my moms blouse and in her drink. And then there was the …..No, nothing happened. The same ol’ stuff. Wake up, work, and go to bed. I can say that I finished the THIRD book of Harry Potter last night. I was up until midnight. It wasn’t my favorite of the three that I have read. The first definitely won me over. I can’t believe how fast I am reading these! I guess that is why I am not blogging. It is hard sometimes. My eyes go out and I have to kind of refocus. My left eye, in case you were wondering, is not better. It is not healed and still very blurry. The real problem is that my right eye still has the eye disease and that is getting worse. So I really have no good eyes and that is sort of a problem. I have a really hard time driving at night because the streetlights turn into one bright blob. I am dreading the time change later this month. This month?!!! October done come up and bit me in the ass! Where did September go? Halloween arrangements need to be made soon.


I didn’t do too well on weight watchers this week. I know, I know, the 2nd week??? But I wasn’t really paying attention on the last two days and I am starting fresh today. I am just so tired and my hips hurt and and and and I can still manage to shovel food in my mouth.

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