Monday, September 19, 2005

Only in Vegas!


This weekend we celebrated Abbe’s daughter, Julia’s birthday.  Vegas style!  We dropped the kids off at the Kids Quest, which is like a giant circus inside a casino! A lot of the local hotels have them and they are great. We go to the Suncoast hotel and in their kids place there is a sleeping room where movie are played and kids can take naps, a mini diner where kids order their own food, a giant jungle gym of tubes, arcade games and a Barbie room. Saturday we went to the Texas hotel and their Kids place had Karaoke, face painting and a tub of balls room. The kids were ecstatic.  Abbe talked Julia into having her 6th birthday there;  and while they were gambling with fun, we adults gambled with funds we didn’t have. We had great time. We then went back to her house to have cake and ice cream. Pictures

 I want to welcome a new reader to my blog. Jill Bryan. An acquaintance of mine from high school who I've been emailing and getting to know a little better. I was so excited to talk to her. She is freakin funny. And should start her own blog. Stace, this is Jill (Kimmel) who says hi and has already read your entire blog and loved it.,

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