Friday, September 9, 2005

It is Friday again! I have been at my job for 6 weeks. A month and a half.

I spoke to my GA. Sister in Law a few nights ago. We used to talk a lot more but we have nutty schedules. Oh and she has three kids which she home schools and are all involved in a sport and all play an instrument and they go to church three times a week and and, and ,and  I work.  That’s it; I work, come home, make dinner and sleep.  I can’t imagine her schedule. PLUS she has MS. Which she has been amazing dealing with. When I spoke to her the other night she was feeling pretty good. Some days are bad. And what is worse is when the medication that is supposed to make you feel good, makes you feel crappy.  They are not coming out this year like last year. Just Rick, Jeff’s brother is. But he is working his rodeo convention all week so hopefully we can see him.

This weekend is the big ballet bash. Starting off the girls again. The weather has been awesome. Jeff and I call it Chevy weather. His 56 has no air conditioning so it has to be at least 85 to drive comfortably in it.

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