Friday, September 30, 2005


I have been horrible on the update desk lately. I used to write very friggin day and now it is lucky if I update once a week. Believe me; things are going on my friend. Exciting, thrilling family things.  Why only last week did my mom and I take the girls to Las Vegas to go on a boat ride and eat a fabulous lunch in an outdoor cafĂ©. Of course it was really windy so the boat ride didn’t happen and Emma’s plate of fries ended up on my moms blouse and in her drink. And then there was the …..No, nothing happened. The same ol’ stuff. Wake up, work, and go to bed. I can say that I finished the THIRD book of Harry Potter last night. I was up until midnight. It wasn’t my favorite of the three that I have read. The first definitely won me over. I can’t believe how fast I am reading these! I guess that is why I am not blogging. It is hard sometimes. My eyes go out and I have to kind of refocus. My left eye, in case you were wondering, is not better. It is not healed and still very blurry. The real problem is that my right eye still has the eye disease and that is getting worse. So I really have no good eyes and that is sort of a problem. I have a really hard time driving at night because the streetlights turn into one bright blob. I am dreading the time change later this month. This month?!!! October done come up and bit me in the ass! Where did September go? Halloween arrangements need to be made soon.


I didn’t do too well on weight watchers this week. I know, I know, the 2nd week??? But I wasn’t really paying attention on the last two days and I am starting fresh today. I am just so tired and my hips hurt and and and and I can still manage to shovel food in my mouth.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Remember when I used to write very day? Remember?? Well I used to go sit at my computer all day and blog every thought that went into my head.

Well, now I have one of those job things and I am at a computer all day but rarely get an independent thought at all.

The news is amazing. Last night in particular. The Jet Blue plane landing was unbelievable, the hurricane is unbelievable and then there was this.

We didn’t know what to report first.

So about me.

I am so tired. I wrote to Stace and asked for advice about what vitamins to take. She gave me a few ideas.

I also miss my husband. Yes we see each other every night and watch TV and play with the kids and eat dinner but, I still miss him. We haven’t been alone in ages. Last week the girls slept over my moms but Jeff had to work late and didn’t get off until 8 PM. By that time I was exhausted. We went over to Elizabeth and Steve’s for awhile but I was so tired that we left way too soon.. I just want to go out on one date. A real dinner and maybe a movie.

 Alyssa signed herself up to be a peer mediator or something like that. She wears a red jacket at recess and if kids have a problem with something they can speak to her. She signed herself up!!! I am so proud of her.  

 I joined weight watchers again for the millionth time.  I wasn’t going to say anything about it but I think it will help. I lose 5.2 lbs in the first week. I have to stick with it because lets face it, I ain’t getting any younger. My hips hurt and I get winded going to the bathroom. That ain’t pretty.  SO, I will try again and write about my progress and maybe get shamed into losing the weight.  It is a real vicious circle (bark bark bark)

Because I know that I would lose more weight if I exercised, but I can’t exercise until I lose weight. My hips hurt too much. Not as much as your back Mom, I know, but it hurts very badly.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Only in Vegas!


This weekend we celebrated Abbe’s daughter, Julia’s birthday.  Vegas style!  We dropped the kids off at the Kids Quest, which is like a giant circus inside a casino! A lot of the local hotels have them and they are great. We go to the Suncoast hotel and in their kids place there is a sleeping room where movie are played and kids can take naps, a mini diner where kids order their own food, a giant jungle gym of tubes, arcade games and a Barbie room. Saturday we went to the Texas hotel and their Kids place had Karaoke, face painting and a tub of balls room. The kids were ecstatic.  Abbe talked Julia into having her 6th birthday there;  and while they were gambling with fun, we adults gambled with funds we didn’t have. We had great time. We then went back to her house to have cake and ice cream. Pictures

 I want to welcome a new reader to my blog. Jill Bryan. An acquaintance of mine from high school who I've been emailing and getting to know a little better. I was so excited to talk to her. She is freakin funny. And should start her own blog. Stace, this is Jill (Kimmel) who says hi and has already read your entire blog and loved it.,

Monday, September 12, 2005

*** WARNING if you are some of those people that I know and love that are against the reading of the book I am about to speak about, please kindly keep your thoughts to yourself. You know I love you but this is America where one may read ANYTHING they choose and form their own opinions about.  If you are against such reading material, then do not read it. I don’t believe in anyone telling anyone what to read, watch, listen to or do with his or her bodies. Thank you, now read on.


5 or so years too late and I am finally getting into Harry Potter. I got the first book from a thrift store for a dollar. It took me several tries to get into it but I finally did and could not put it down. It is so much fun!!!!  I finished it after three days. That may seem like a while for some of the 6th graders that read this site. (I have a huge 6th grade fan base) But hey, wait until you sniveling little brats pop out a few kids and see how long it takes you to finish a whole book. The only time I get 5 minutes of straight through reading is in the bathroom.  Anyway. I love it!!!! I am one of the millions of people that get it. Everyone talks about the book and I never got what they were speaking about. I am deep inside book two and I found this site that has a glossary and pronunciation guide. Plus fun facts.

I have been a tad ill for the past few days too. I get sick about twice a year. I am achy, hot and hoarse. Not a real big hoarse, maybe a little pony. HA. But I was sent home today from my fabo job and that made me kind of sad. Who will run the teleprompter???!! Who will answer the 11am contest line??  How did they do it all two months ago? Just kidding. They did quite well actually. 

Yesterday we went back to Abbe’s for some grubbins. Above is a picture of Nicole talking to her son, Gage and Emma because they were just kissing on the lips. She was trying very hard not to laugh because face it; it was all Emma’s doing and Gage is just a pawn in her hand. She wears the panties in that relationship

Friday, September 9, 2005

It is Friday again! I have been at my job for 6 weeks. A month and a half.

I spoke to my GA. Sister in Law a few nights ago. We used to talk a lot more but we have nutty schedules. Oh and she has three kids which she home schools and are all involved in a sport and all play an instrument and they go to church three times a week and and, and ,and  I work.  That’s it; I work, come home, make dinner and sleep.  I can’t imagine her schedule. PLUS she has MS. Which she has been amazing dealing with. When I spoke to her the other night she was feeling pretty good. Some days are bad. And what is worse is when the medication that is supposed to make you feel good, makes you feel crappy.  They are not coming out this year like last year. Just Rick, Jeff’s brother is. But he is working his rodeo convention all week so hopefully we can see him.

This weekend is the big ballet bash. Starting off the girls again. The weather has been awesome. Jeff and I call it Chevy weather. His 56 has no air conditioning so it has to be at least 85 to drive comfortably in it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

She gets it from Jeff's side of the family

Alyssa made the choir at school! And the best part.... Some kids didn't make it!!! That means that they just didn't take everybody!! I am so proud of her. She didn't even tell me she was trying out. She would have gotten her voice from Jeff's side of the family because mine dont sound so good. She is so grown up. She got her first pair of Chucks. Stace should be proud.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

situation sucks big time

I have questions about this Hurricane situation but I am too intimidated to ask anyone.


1. They say it is the worst natural disaster in US history. What about the San Francisco earthquake in 1906?


2. Is the MDA telethon held yearly going to suffer because of this?

3. Why are people stealing TV’s and electronics? The whole city is under water, wont they get electrocuted if they plug anything in? And where do they think they will store these things?


This whole situation sucks big time. It looks uncontrollable but I guess if they can clean up after 9-11 they can clean up after anything.