Wednesday, August 24, 2005

well hello

I am so tired all of the time. My day goes super fast, which is good, but I am exhausted.

Good news! The recipe I submitted to recipezaar got reviewed with 5 stars. Yee ha! That is flattering.

Jeff bought me fish yesterday and set up the tank right next to the kitchen sink so I can zone out while doing the dishes. Last night we took the girls to Pet Smart to buy more fish. Emma picked up three .12-cent feeder fish so Jeff bought a net to get with them. Alyssa picked out some mollies. I got two black gold fish with googly eyes that I named Amos and Andy. I love them.  I will have pictures later. I am too tired to do anything. Can you believe that Monday I will have been at my job 4 weeks?!  I was on the assignment desk today training. You have to listen to 5 scanners at the same time and listen for codes that tell you they found a dead body. Unfortunately they had a homicide yesterday. In a really good neighborhood. Jeff and I go there to play bingo all the time. The kids love to go the kids’ center

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