Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This is Cyndi......with the 8:00 news

I can’t believe I get paid for it!! Still lovin the news.

Last night Jesse called us from a bar. Those who have been reading me for awhile know that Jesse is Jeff’s closest friend and that Jesse is an alcoholic who has been in at least five accidents and was in a coma for a month with his last one last November. It is killing us. Jeff went to pick him up and I was “at least he called us.” Jeff was very angry with him. This totally sucks. He will not survive his next accident and I don’t think he wants to.

Anyway. In other news, Alyssa’s last day of school was Friday. She is above where she needs to be in reading and I am so proud of her. Soon the busy days will begin with ballet starting and the girls want to take ice-skating. So I will soon be complaining about all of that.

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