Sunday, August 7, 2005

Baby's got back... pack

My first week was very exciting. The newsroom is so fast paced. I love it. I am using my brain and I am busy. I love it so far. There are a few stressful issues but I am feeling pretty good about it. I like working with local celebrities. For the most part, they have their head on straight. One or two need a lesson in humility. Working in a newsroom makes me feel smart. I am so on top of the news that I am looking down on it. It is crazy.

Today was little girl time. We went to see a crazy little play about Alice and Wonderland and Dorothy of Oz. Kids in their early teens put it on and they were very good. The girls loved the play. Emma wore her ruby red shoes and the wicked witch sort of yelled at her after the play at the meet and greet and totally freaked Emma out. Pix on Flickr We then went to Target to do the back to school shopping. New backpacks, lunch boxes and sneakers. My baby is in third grade!

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