Monday, August 29, 2005

1st day of school!!!!!

3rd grade. Wowsers. Why it seems like yesterday I pushed that kid from my loins. This year was different. Jeff took over and walked Alyssa to her class. He took the pictures and made sure she was OK. I worked last night from 4AM to 1PM this morning so I could meet her after school. I worked the morning shift to answer a back to school hotline we had at the station. I thought the people who called were a little dense because if you don't know where your kid goes by now then you are pretty dumb. But we were there to answer anyway.  The day went super fast and I came home to nap a little. But it wasn't very relaxing because I kept looking at the clock even though I had the alarm set. pictures of new haircuts and back to school on flickr

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