Monday, July 18, 2005

work :day one

I started the job today and after 3 ½ minutes there I thought to myself, what have I gotten myself into? Yes, it is everything I have done before but the getting out of bed at 6 AM and working until 5PM?? What is up with that? It seriously cuts into Cyndi time. One of my bosses may or may not have been a man at one time. Tomorrow I am focusing on “her” Adam’s apple. She is an unpleasant woman who was “fake” being nice to me because she was so sick of filling in for the activities director. The seniors have been pleasant but it only day one and tomorrow I have to tell half of them that they can’t get the free lunch anymore. The good thing is that if they rush me I could probably take them. The heat has worn them down and they are weak. Plus, I can swipe their walkers and their big giant sunglasses. I wont talk about work because I do not want to get Dooced. Well not until 6 months go by and I can collect the unemployment.

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