Friday, July 1, 2005

What's in a name

I think if Jeff and I were to have another baby her name would have to start with an “I”. Because subconsciously we have named our children after the vowels A,E,I,O,U. First Alyssa and then Emma. Our next kid would have to be Irma or Inga. We also end our children’s name with “A’s” for some reason. So, next would be Inga, then Olma, then Uma. There aren’t enough Irma’s or Inga’s anymore.

Jeff calls Alyssa “Princess” and Emma, “Pork chop”. Alyssa calls Emma, “dorkchop” or Em –d-uh. Emma calls Alyssa, “Awissa” Jeff used to call me “Baby doll” and would only call me “Cyndi” if he were mad at me. Now he only calls me Cyndi. But he is still my Honey Bunny but doesn’t always answer to it when I call.  We call Spooky, “Pooky” and Otis, “Dotis”  My mom calls me Goochie and my brother used to call me “Dindy”. Jeff’s sister calls him “Bubba” and I call my brother, Rick but his name is really Eric.

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