Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So today a man came up to me and said, "Yeah, the last activity girl was big like you." All I could say was "really?"This really wasn't the first time I have had a senior call me a lard ass. At Carefree, I had comments like that all the time. One old guy from Cuba told me that big asses like mine were practically a delicacy where he lived. His name was Oscar and he had three teeth. He was an artist in Cuba a long time ago. He liked to draw nudes and offered to draw me on many occasions.

Alyssa's school has called us to pick her up both yesterday and today because she said she was sick. She wasn't but since Jeff was home from work he did pick her up. When I asked her why she wanted to come home both days she was really hesitant to tell us. She kept telling us that she was really sick. After about ten minutes the truth finally came out. She didn't want to go to PE. She said that she would have to do sit ups and she didn't like that. So Jeff jokingly asked her if he should go up to her PE teacher and beat him up. And she freaked. She said, and I quote, " No Daddy, He is a lot bigger and stronger than you he could beat you up. He has muscles on his muscles." Jeff sort of went into a funk after that. Later when she came in to ask Jeff to open up her bag of popcorn, he yelled at her. "Why don't you get your PE teacher to open it up for you?" Poor Jeff. He wanted to be Alyssa's hero. And some 25-year-old muscle head teaching dodge ball to 2nd graders took his thunder.

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