Thursday, July 28, 2005

Not so good news.

So, I quit my job on Monday. WHAT????!!!!!! Yeah, I did. It was a horrible place to work. That horrible woman I spoke about, well, on the first day she made a “Jew” reference to describe a resident. I didn’t tell her that I was Jewish nor should I have to. She kept making several Jewish references. She was terrible. And this was only about 4 hours after I had worked on THE FIRST DAY. You would think that in the year 2005, this wouldn’t happen.  But more things happened. The staff would go to Starbucks and never ask me and one time they had a party for another staff member and didn’t invite me. It is petty I know, but I have never felt so unwelcome in my life. Especially after the Jew comments. But now I have been in a deep deep depression. I have been crying every day and I only want to sleep. Jeff has been a saint. He has been taking care of the kids and everything. I have promised my self to snap out of it by Friday. Get my crap together and look for a new job. But once again, I will not be writing for a while. I can’t get out of this funk.

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