Friday, July 8, 2005

I don’t have the passion to write anymore. I hardly read anyone else’s blogs either. I usually save it up for one day and read them all at one sitting. I got my drug test yesterday and filled out all the paperwork I needed. Secured my salary and found out when my pay dates are. Now I am nervous about working full time again. I haven’t done so since December of 2003!! Full time/ 40 hours. My hours were cut down at the other senior place from 40 to 30 hours. So this is going to be rough for the first couple of months.  I had to go to the chiropractor today because the back of my hips were hurting pretty bad. He took X-rays and did an ice treatment on me. IT numbs the pain quite a bit. He didn’t want to do any adjustments until he saw my x rays. Rick, I already felt better. GO TO A FRIGGIN CHROPRACTOR, YOU FREAK!!!  Enough with the holistic healing and the acupuncture already. And that is coming from someone who really believes in the healing power of reflexology.  Anyway, I go back tomorrow to see what the x rays say. I have just about had it with doctors.

Alyssa and Emma have been at summer day camp for the past two weeks and they love it. Alyssa had a sleep over on Wednesday and Emma was too young. To fill the hole of guilt in our hearts, Jeff, my mom and I took Emma to see Madagascar. It totally sucked. Emma liked it though. 


lbgintex said...

Well Cyndi.....even though I don't post to your blog, I do enjoy reading about you, Jeff and the girls.  Actually, you are a very talented writer. I hope you are keeping a copy on disk or even a hard copy of your blog.

Anyway, I'd hate to see you "give it up".  Unless of course you are planning on calling me once a week to keep me up-to-date on all the Tatum LV happenings...

Bottom are very much loved!!!!

lbgintex said...

I forgot to add that I go to a CHROPRACTOR on a regular basis...AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!  They really do "work".  And just a side note....the very first time I ever had to see such a doc was when Jeff was about two months old.  As you know, he was a very BIG baby and so when I bent over to pick him up, my back went out....yep!  Slipped my whole ribcage..ugh....I've had trouble ever since!!  NOT blaming Jeffy at all, it's just one of those things!!