Friday, June 3, 2005


It is 4:24 in the morning. Tweep! Why is it that when the battery on a smoke alarm goes, it starts tweeping at 3:00 AM?? Every five minutes, loudly. That is how long I have been up.  I have also been up worrying. I hate that. I worry and stress about everything. It has been a month since I brought in a paycheck and Jeff is busting his butt doing all the work. Tweep! I have a couple of prospects in the next few days that I pray will turn out.  Ebay is a steady flow of nothing and I can't rely on it. Tweep! The dogs are nervous right now because of the Tweep! They are restless because I am up and now they want to play. 

Emma wanted to know what Yoda's last name was. Jeff told her that it was just Yoda and she wasn't happy Tweep! with that so she gave him the last name of Yodi. Yoda Yodi. She has been kinda obsessed with Star Wars because the marketing has been all over TV. She calls Darth Vader Doc Ador and Tweep! she likes him. Emma also hit her head on a pole today at Preschool so her thinking may be a little fuzzy. I can't believe that I was Alyssa's age when I saw Star Wars for the first time. 1977. My brother was obsessed with it and slept on Darth Vader sheets or something. Tweep! I am gonna try to go back to sleep for a few more hours.

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