Monday, June 20, 2005

uh oh

Well it happened. The seperation of the ages. Alyssa's best friend is Abbe's daughter, Julia who is 5. Alyssa is 8 as we know and Emma of course is fabulous 4. Now, we have known Abbe and the girls for four years. Ever since Emma was 3 months old. The girls all love each other very much and the age difference between Julia and Alyssa was never a problem. But Abbe and I saw it last weekend. The seperation. Alyssa wanted to hang more with Allie, Abbe's 11 year old and her friend, Ashley rather than  Julia and Emma.  Abbe noticed it first. Alyssa was too "old" to hang. Which suited Emma and Alyssa just fine.They played great together. It makes me kind of sad because Abbe's house and her daughters is sort of a "safe Haven" I know them, I love them and I just know that Alyssa is going to want to hang with friends from her class now. "Others" with parents that I don't know.  She will soon start with the " How comes??" The "How come we don't have clean white carpet like...?" "How come ... ..'s mommy wears makeup and does her hair and you don't?" At Abbe's house all I get is how come we don't have this cereal and how come we don't have this toothpaste. It was manageable "how comes" And of course the "how come their house and garage is so clean?" I don't mind those. These anonymous mommies will anger me before I even get to know them. Alyssa is just too old and too cool for her own good. I knew it was a mistake getting her that bra.

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unwoundrodeo said...

These "how come" questions are doable Cyndi. Just answer them honestly (to Alyssa and yourself).And if some of them force you to be self critical, that's good too. We all can use a kick in the pants now and then to get us going. Now, on to other "how comes" from my come some men need Viagra?(they only get to watch TV on Fri.Sat,and Sun! and the big V commercial!AAAAAGGGGHH! how come I have to get bosoms?Yes, she used the word bosoms! come we don't live by any of the people we love....Ouch.daggerthrough my heart. I love you