Friday, June 10, 2005

sad bunny

I had a moment of great sadness today. For about an hour I couldn't stop crying. I was tired, stressed and my eye hurt a little. It's been a bad week. On Monday I got this really bad, short haircut that I am too ashamed to even show you. On Tuesday, I had this amazing interview with this amazing place that had an amazing salary but today they called to tell me that they chose someone else. On Wednesday, I had this test for a city job and went the wrong way which led me on I-95 which was down to one lane. I spent 30 minutes looking for a spot to park and missed the test by ten minutes. I have spent over three million dollars for this party tomorrow.

I am better now. I have gotten over the sadness and I am now focused on the party for my 8 year old. In other news, THIS is the celebrity that was on Jeff's team. You know him from THIS. I saw the roster and I really use the term Celebrity lightly. SHE was the biggest there.  He had fun though. The rest of the shoot is tomorrow.

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