Monday, June 6, 2005

The longest day of the year

Was yesterday. UGH! The recital was yesterday. We had to drop Emma off at 12:00 The show started at 1:00. We scrambled to get good seats since it was general admission. Thank goodness we had a spry 8 year old to leap around like a gazelle and hop in front of the seniors to save us good seats in the third row. My father chose to come on his own. He said that watching children dance all day was not his "thing" He came at 1PM for Emma's dance and left at 1:05 when Emma finished. He then came back at 5 PM for Alyssa's show and left at 5:20 when Alyssa finished. 

So let me tell you about the shows. Emma's 1PM show were all the toddlers that take ballet. It was painful yet adorable. 10-15 little deers in headlights. It was pretty short. about 35-40 minutes long. But after the show we had roses for her and Alyssa gave them to her. She was blown away. She loved them. Especially coming from Alyssa. We left there around 2PM then went to eat at Olive Garden since Alyssa didn't have to be at her show until 4:00. Her show was a little different. It was more, with the better students. It was amazing. Ballet is a true art form that takes dedication and patience. These teens were just beautiful. Her show was 2 hours long complete with an intermission! But it was very good. I know he doesn't want me to write this but my father lost it when Alyssa came out. He put his sunglasses on because he didn't want anyone to see him crying. He lost it when Emma came out too but it was a combo cry/laughter thing. It was amazing to see my little girls dance their heart out. I remember my first recital. I was about four and at the end, all of the dancers came out and got flowers from their parents. My mom didn't know that there were supposed to bring flowers so they sent my brother up with a five dollar bill to give me. Ahhh. It is memories like that that make my heart pitter patter. When I told Alyssa that story she said that she would've wanted the five dollar bill instead of the roses that she got. My baby. She so loves money.

SO we were at the hall from 11:30 AM - 7:30 PM!!! A long friggin day!

 Anyway, The pictures are here. My camera battery died right before Alyssa got her roses but my mom took some with her ordinary camera. Those pictures will be developed in a couple of months!

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linda7377 said...

The photos are terrific except for the last one (ME!) You promised you wouldn't put that on your blog. YOU LIED!!!