Friday, June 17, 2005

If only there was a legal and moral way to make $100 an hour.If only I wasn't to stupid to get caught doing anything that paid $100 an hour. I am in one of those moods again.  A pissy one. If I don't get a job soon I will be forced to selll my body for Ramen noodles. I hope to hear back today from some of the 1000 of resumes I have sent out this week.

Alyssa got her zone variance for the school she is now attending. It is not really her school but it it is a great school and right next door to Emma's day care. I love it and I have had to beg and plead to the principal every year to get Alyssa in.

My ear is bothering me again. I am running out of senses. Next will be my sense of touch. My eye is Ok but that is it OK. I still can't see clear but they did tell me 3-4 months. I got a letter from the eye bank telling me that I can possibly contact the donor family if they have chosen to be contacted.I may do that.

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