Thursday, June 2, 2005

I was just looking over my 100 things about me list and realize that is is outdated. Jeff doesn't drive a cab anymore. He in charge of the Fine Gun Room at Bass Pro Shops. And with that comes a few perks. Other than a dazzling 40% discount, they are sponsoriing him for the upcoming Celebrity Shoot. They paid his $500 entrance fee and are bombarding him with the Redhead brand clothing line. He will be decked out in shoes, pants, shirt and hats. PMC, his old employer, is also sponsoring him with the guns. He is very excited. He hasn't competed since he left PMC. He is a very good shot. He has several plaques and prizes for placing. Cowboys are so sexy. The bummer is that he will be missing Alyssa's birthday party on Saturday. But on the plus side, he will be hobnobbing with Tom Selleck.

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