Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Things That I have not done in a while

1. Listened to NPR. This makes me sad because listening makes me feel smart.

2. Listened to the radio at all. I listen to my CDs and have no idea which car lot or car wash the local DJ will be this weekend.

3. I have not read my blogs. This makes me super sad. I used to read them at work but now I can't seem to find time or patience. I haven't read if my blogger friends have found a cure for thier latest hangovers or if they found a really good wine yet or anything.

4. Gone to a movie. The last movie I saw was The Incredibles. The last Adult movie was The Notebook.

5. Ate at my favorite Chinese restaurant. I feel guilty ordering in when I don't have a job.

6. Slept past seven. Even if the girls do, I just can't.

7. Dyed my hair. No excuse.


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