Thursday, May 26, 2005


Pathetic. That is what the show should be called, instead of "Chaotic". The Britney Spears show. It was painful to watch so we had to turn it off. We watched the Anna Nicole show longer. I don't know what she was trying to prove but if it was "Look how stupid I am and how stupid the people around me are" then she did it. She has really hit the wall. 

 I have a picture of me now. Look at my left eye. It is totally trippy. The camera picks up the light off of my stitches and the whole cornea makes my eye look gray. It still hurts pretty bad sometimes. When it gets dry between drops or when I sneeze it hurts pretty bad.

 This will be a long weekend. Alyssa is off for a staff development  day. Saturday is another birthday at Chucks house of cheese and Monday is Memorial Day. We have nothing planned yet.

Who is reading this blog??? I have no idea since nobody comments. If you can read this email me here: and write "I am reading" in the subject line. IT TAKES TWO SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!


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linda7377 said...

Now you have what you always wanted ... blue eyes ... or actually a blue eye.