Thursday, May 12, 2005

My friends

My poor friend, Abbe has had quite the black cloud over her house this week. It started on Mothers day when her back car window was smashed out by what appears to be random kids. Then her oldest daughter gets a raging case of the flu and then tonight she ended up in the ER herself. She did not stop throwing up for three hours. I am so worried about her. On the other hand, my friend, Nicole got a new FEDERAL job! Ye ha to her. Hopefully new and exciting things will start happening for her.

I need to stay in a plastic bubble for the next couple of days. If I have a ounce of fever or a slight chance of a cough then they will postpone my surgery. And we don't want that. I am so excited to have my mommy stay with me and take care of me for a week!!! She alrady made her matzah ball soup to bring over. YUM!

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