Monday, May 23, 2005

Eye surgery retraction!!

So, I am not completely upset about my surgery. It is turning out ok so far. I had a bad few days. I went back to the doctor today and he said that everything is healing the way it should and to be honest with you, I see clearer everyday. The stitches in my eye are kind of annoying but that is the least of it.  I am actively looking for full time jobs now because I think that by the time I actually start working, I will be fine.  We had a busy weekend. On Saturday the girls had their first dress rehearsal for their recital. Emma’s was in the morning and Alyssa’s in the afternoon. By some sheer coincidence they get the same costume. I was so worried that they would be arguing over whose costume was prettier so this works out really well. On Saturday afternoon we went to Gage’s birthday party. Gage is my friend, Nicole’s little boy. I mentioned him before.  So we did that and on Sunday Nicole, Gage her sister, Stephanie and her son, Donnie came over. Stephanie had Donnie exactly one year before I had Alyssa and Gage is exactly 1 year older then Emma. They all grew up together and all chase each other like little monkeys. Stephanie informed me of her recent boob job. She had to tell me, I didn’t see a difference. Sorry Steph. But hey, congrats anyway. And congratulations go out to Stace for becoming a Canadian , Irene for becoming a Jew, and well, Stephanie for becoming the next waiter at Hooters.

Ballet pictures are here

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