Sunday, May 29, 2005

computer bad

I got in big trouble on Friday. I sat and listed on Ebay for about three hours. When all of a sudden it felt like pins and needles were in my eye. My left one of course. I freaked. I thought that I had heard the slight “twang” of a teeny tiny bungee snapping which of course would be one of my stitches. I am slightly neurotic now since the stitch popping party of 2005. My eye hurt and I was watering and dripping all over the place. I called my less then compassionate tech nurses at my Dr’s office. They told me to continue with my drops. D-uh. I think they you need to have had an actual eye surgery to qualify as a tech nurse so maybe there would be a little understanding when I call you hysterical. She then asked me what I had did that day. I started with the beginning. “Well, I woke up about 7:30 and went pee, I then got the remote and turned on Buffy…” Oh and I spent about 16 bazillion hours on the computer.” Ummm, That was it. I had a tad bit of eyestrain. AND IT HURT!!! I closed my eyes for a few minutes and it helped.  


PS: Thank you fo the five people that emmailed me that they read my blog. All five of you are my best friends evah.

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