Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I think Yoda has dyslexia

Saw the big flick today much to my left eye’s dismay.  It was ok but honestly the whole story could’ve been told in thirty minutes. The last thirty minutes, which was wonderful. It did prompt us to scamper home and put Star Wars IV on VHS on and watch it. The acting was atrocious.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

computer bad

I got in big trouble on Friday. I sat and listed on Ebay for about three hours. When all of a sudden it felt like pins and needles were in my eye. My left one of course. I freaked. I thought that I had heard the slight “twang” of a teeny tiny bungee snapping which of course would be one of my stitches. I am slightly neurotic now since the stitch popping party of 2005. My eye hurt and I was watering and dripping all over the place. I called my less then compassionate tech nurses at my Dr’s office. They told me to continue with my drops. D-uh. I think they you need to have had an actual eye surgery to qualify as a tech nurse so maybe there would be a little understanding when I call you hysterical. She then asked me what I had did that day. I started with the beginning. “Well, I woke up about 7:30 and went pee, I then got the remote and turned on Buffy…” Oh and I spent about 16 bazillion hours on the computer.” Ummm, That was it. I had a tad bit of eyestrain. AND IT HURT!!! I closed my eyes for a few minutes and it helped.  


PS: Thank you fo the five people that emmailed me that they read my blog. All five of you are my best friends evah.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Pathetic. That is what the show should be called, instead of "Chaotic". The Britney Spears show. It was painful to watch so we had to turn it off. We watched the Anna Nicole show longer. I don't know what she was trying to prove but if it was "Look how stupid I am and how stupid the people around me are" then she did it. She has really hit the wall. 

 I have a picture of me now. Look at my left eye. It is totally trippy. The camera picks up the light off of my stitches and the whole cornea makes my eye look gray. It still hurts pretty bad sometimes. When it gets dry between drops or when I sneeze it hurts pretty bad.

 This will be a long weekend. Alyssa is off for a staff development  day. Saturday is another birthday at Chucks house of cheese and Monday is Memorial Day. We have nothing planned yet.

Who is reading this blog??? I have no idea since nobody comments. If you can read this email me here: cyndiblock@aol.com and write "I am reading" in the subject line. IT TAKES TWO SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Oh, by the way

Alyssa wanted it so Grandma bought it. A bra. Yes, she is almost 8, it was about time. Poor kid, lugging those boulders around without any kind of support. Well not boulders really, more like rocks. Well maybe stones. Pebbles? ummm a fine beach sand? Ok, stalagmites, no stalagtites. WHATEVER< the ones that go inward.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Eye surgery retraction!!

So, I am not completely upset about my surgery. It is turning out ok so far. I had a bad few days. I went back to the doctor today and he said that everything is healing the way it should and to be honest with you, I see clearer everyday. The stitches in my eye are kind of annoying but that is the least of it.  I am actively looking for full time jobs now because I think that by the time I actually start working, I will be fine.  We had a busy weekend. On Saturday the girls had their first dress rehearsal for their recital. Emma’s was in the morning and Alyssa’s in the afternoon. By some sheer coincidence they get the same costume. I was so worried that they would be arguing over whose costume was prettier so this works out really well. On Saturday afternoon we went to Gage’s birthday party. Gage is my friend, Nicole’s little boy. I mentioned him before.  So we did that and on Sunday Nicole, Gage her sister, Stephanie and her son, Donnie came over. Stephanie had Donnie exactly one year before I had Alyssa and Gage is exactly 1 year older then Emma. They all grew up together and all chase each other like little monkeys. Stephanie informed me of her recent boob job. She had to tell me, I didn’t see a difference. Sorry Steph. But hey, congrats anyway. And congratulations go out to Stace for becoming a Canadian , Irene for becoming a Jew, and well, Stephanie for becoming the next waiter at Hooters.

Ballet pictures are here

Friday, May 20, 2005

My eye surgery

So basically I am blind as a bat. Except I read somewhere that bats have excellent vision. As of right now, four days after my surgery I am very sorry that I had this surgery. It has been a painful, drippy, gooey eye mess. I can barely see my monitor.  On Friday I got a call from the Dr’s office that said to come in at 9:15. They had a cancellation. My original apt was for 10:45. On Monday morning they called at 8AM and said they had another cancellation and to come in as soon as I could. I was wondering about all these cancellations. I did know that if you had a slight cold or fever you could not have the surgery. So, off we went, my mom and me. Both of us a nervous wreck. We got there is about 15 minutes. I sat in the waiting room and the nurse asked me which eye it was, I told her the left and she took out a sharpie and made a mark on my eyebrow.  I then went into the prep room. They told me to go to the bathroom because I had to eliminate any pressure in my body.  I am assuming that this meant physical pressure because if it were any mental pressure then it would’ve taken a lot longer to eliminate. So I went and I then laid down on a operating table to “relax” The nurse asked me again which eye it was and put in my IV and complimented me on my lovely hand veins. I was very proud and told her I was chosen Miss hand vein 1986. We laughed and laughed. We didn’t really and I actually wasn’t saying much at all because I was pretty tense. Then I met John. John was my anesthesiologist John was ummmm I’d say about 70. John kept telling me Henny Youngman jokes. He whispered in my ear, “ When I was born I was so ugly my doctor slapped my mother.” The nurse kind of just ignored him. Me, Well I knew John was the candy man so I laughed and laughed because I wanted some of Johns Happy candy. He gave me some and I got happy. I next remember a nurse taking me back into the bathroom and making me pee. The nurse and me. Peeing, together. I know that I was looped by then because I just peed in front of a woman and I haven’t done that since prison.  I then went to the operating room and they put the eye scapula in my eye. I am not sure of what it was actually called but I told them I felt it. The Dr, who I vaguely remember seeing, said that my eye was numb but not my eyelid. I told them that that was not good enough; I didn’t want to feel anything. So John came around again. And that is all I remember from that. I woke up and the nurse was asking me what I wanted to drink. Never ask someone coming out of surgery what they want to drink because she will say tomato juice. I don’t know why, It just felt right.  Mom was waiting for me and we went home. I just slept on that first day.  Now, the second day. (Danger music)

I went in for my post op appointment. The doctor looked at my eye and started clucking his tongue. This is never a good sign. He said that two of my stitches had popped and he would have to re stitch them. I thought it would mean back into the operating room. He meant come back at 1 and we will do it with numbing drops. That’s right. In the back alley of his office we are re stitching. Needless to say, I felt every moment of that needle going in my eye and was crying so hard that I was shaking. He kept telling me to hold still. I kept thinking, let me stick a needle in your eye and see how still you hold. I was in PAIN. Crying, hysterical, three-lortab pain. So needless to say that whole day was a blur. Blur as in I was on the couch in and out of conscientiousness and listening to American Idol and dreaming / hallucinating being in the audience.

 Day Three. Back into the office and a seal of approval from pokey finger doctor who told me that I could start on my medicine drop cocktail. I am due back on Monday.

In the meantime……

Back at the home front. Mom is taking care of me. Thanks mom. “What? The house isn’t really as clean as you would like it?? OH Ok. Go ahead, clean it.” “Yes. I know the kids stay up way to late.”  “I know, I know. You know what is best”. “Whet Mom? I really don’t know how we could not have onions. Yes, I know they are important.”  “ What mom? Dog hair? Yes, they do shed. I know. “  “ Mom? Are you going to take off your shoes the entire week? Please take off your shoes. PLEASE TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES MOM.”  “ No I do appreciate you being here. I really do. I need you here. “ “I don’t know why Jeff had to work on his days off and be in to work at 5 AM everyday this week.” I think it was an coincidence.” 

So in the end, I regret having this surgery. I know I needed it but it is frustrating waiting each day if I can see.

 Here are pictures of my eye. And a chance picture of my mom with out her shoes.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

OK, This is it.

Tomorrow is the day. I will write more when I know more.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Two more days. I just thought about sneezing. I mean, can I sneeze? Will it blow my stitches to sneeze?  I am going to try and document this experience.

Vh-1 is showing a marathon of Top Model today. Life is good!

 Here is some Vegas White Trash Fun Pix

Thursday, May 12, 2005

My friends

My poor friend, Abbe has had quite the black cloud over her house this week. It started on Mothers day when her back car window was smashed out by what appears to be random kids. Then her oldest daughter gets a raging case of the flu and then tonight she ended up in the ER herself. She did not stop throwing up for three hours. I am so worried about her. On the other hand, my friend, Nicole got a new FEDERAL job! Ye ha to her. Hopefully new and exciting things will start happening for her.

I need to stay in a plastic bubble for the next couple of days. If I have a ounce of fever or a slight chance of a cough then they will postpone my surgery. And we don't want that. I am so excited to have my mommy stay with me and take care of me for a week!!! She alrady made her matzah ball soup to bring over. YUM!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I got my first recipe published in Recipezaar. I love this site. Check out my recipe.

Things That I have not done in a while

1. Listened to NPR. This makes me sad because listening makes me feel smart.

2. Listened to the radio at all. I listen to my CDs and have no idea which car lot or car wash the local DJ will be this weekend.

3. I have not read my blogs. This makes me super sad. I used to read them at work but now I can't seem to find time or patience. I haven't read if my blogger friends have found a cure for thier latest hangovers or if they found a really good wine yet or anything.

4. Gone to a movie. The last movie I saw was The Incredibles. The last Adult movie was The Notebook.

5. Ate at my favorite Chinese restaurant. I feel guilty ordering in when I don't have a job.

6. Slept past seven. Even if the girls do, I just can't.

7. Dyed my hair. No excuse.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

T minus 6

6 more days until I undergo the knife. Well, Not a knife really, a cookie cutter type object that cuts out my nasty ass cornea. I won't be able to go on the computer for awhile so I will not be writing for about a week. 

BIG NEWS!! Jeff quit smoking. Almost cold turkey. He used the nicorette gum and was supposed to ween himself off gradually but but he had 5 cigarettes the first day and hasn't had one since. He usually smoked a pack a day. And he hasn't been too nasty so that is good. I am very proud of him.

Monday, May 9, 2005

I heart Kip

I had a dream about Kip from Napoleon Dynamite last night. Kip and his creamy white legs. Kip and La Fawnduh. I love that movie. I keep queueing it from Netflix but I really should just go and  buy it. That and Garden State. My new favorite movie soundtrack of all time.  Garden State. Truly awesome CD. Other great movie soundtracks:

She's Having a Baby, Practical Magic, You've Got Mail, and The Big Chill. I LOVE movie soundtracks.

Saturday, May 7, 2005

Beary good day

First off, I want to give a big bloggy apology to Stace for giving her the brunt of my premenstral bitchiness regarding guns. I get really defensive about them because whenever I tell people what Jeff does for a living I get looks as if I just told people he sells young boys rooms at the Neverland Ranch. I get them all the time. Hey, I hate guns too. They terrify me and I never touch any but for us, it puts food on the table and I didn't mean to go off on you. Please delete my comments from your site.

On that note, Today was a productive one. Besides being Ballet for Emma, we had a fab lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. A yum yum salad bar restaurant. And then we went to Build a Bear to make some bears for the girls.I got one to celebrate the passing of my cornea. I then placed a bet on the Kentucky Derby. A typical Saturday.

Bear Pictures

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Wednesday, May 4, 2005


Today we got a new car. Well, new to us, Our friend Steve of Steve and Elizabeth gave us his old 95 Isuzu Rodeo. Gave it to us. GAAAAAVVVVEEEE It to us. People don't GIVE away great cars. Steve does. So we picked it on up today and now we have to figure out what is wrong with it. Something with the clutch, blah blah blah clutch. Cyndi doesn't do stick shift.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

One year ago

One year ago, THIS was my deepest thought. I can't believe I have been writing this thing for over a year.

I went to the doctors today for my Pre-Op appointment. The "what to expect when your getting your cornea replaced" meeting. He said I will have the stitches in  my eye for up to a year. EGAD! He also said that I get a patch. Aaaargh. The patch will be clear though. "What kind of sock does a pirate wear?   AAAAAARRRRGGHyle"  Anyway, I am a little less anxious but still a little scared.

Stace nags me

Stace HATES AOL. And she really hates my pictures. SO She nagged me to get this. Just kidding. She just cares.:)