Wednesday, April 20, 2005


SO after a long agonizing brain process I have decided that tomorrow, Thursday, April 20, 2005 will be my last day working part time for the county. Hopefully not the last time I work for the county, but the last time as a part timer because as much as I love the county, they don’t pay diddly to their PTer’s. If you email me at work, please stop. As I said before, I received my surgery date for May 16th and I must have the next three weeks to prepare for many things. My house looks like a Toys R Us going out of business sale and I must purge many items. I must do this when the children are away because when I pull out ANYTHING to throw away, they claim that they have been looking for that particular item and must have it right now.  I have applied to many jobs and hope to hear from them during my hiatus as the working class.  I need to prep a room for my mom to come and stay, I must prep for long needed, much anticipated garage sale, and I must prep for the 8 year old birthday extravaganza of the year in June. It will be a combo pirate / mermaid bash and I must prepare accordingly to my daughters wishes. You’ll be lucky to get an invite from her!

 My headaches have gotten a little bit worse over the past few days. Granted I am stressed about not having a job, the surgery, cleaning my house, and the big 8-year-old blow out, but my head is overshadowing many of these tasks making want to do nothing but sleep it off.


By the way, if anyone has a Microsoft Office CD that I can look at, please email me so we can make arrangements. Thank you!

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daymentedcom said...

I think I have an Office CD you can look at.  Remind me when I get home tonight.
It's Office 97 though.