Thursday, April 28, 2005

pain in legs.. not good.

Jeff and have been kicking some house ass this week. On Tuesday, he cleaned out the living room of unused crap and I took on the girls room. 4 HOURS later, I had two full trash bags and a nice neat orderly closet. I give it a day. On Wednesday we tackled the back yard. It was pretty bad. Apperently, Otis had a stash of eaten stuffed animals and french fry wrappers hidden behind our canoe. (long story) He had the addest look on his face when Jeff uncovered his treasures and started to put them in a  garbage bag. The back of my thighs were killing me from weeding and cleaning out our vines. I am in really bad shape. We watched Closer too which we really didn't enjoy too much considering we are huge Natalie Portman fans. I have a very busy "mommy week" this week so I will update later.

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