Friday, April 29, 2005

Listing on EBAY again. I am home now and really want to make this work. The girls started a new class last night. Alyssa is in Kids in the Kitchen, where she made BLT's and pasta salad and Emma is in Tot Art's and crafts, where she made slippers. I was in the waiting room and all I heard was Emma's tiny voice. 10 kids and all I hear is her. When the class got out the teacher opened the door. I said that my daughter was a bit of a talker, and she said "Emma?" Yes, out of ten kids, she knew which kid I was talking about. Stace, thanks so much for the large font tip. Sometimes when I lean over my boob changes the font on the internet and I never knew how to change it. Stace has been a lifesaver the past few days. Ok. I am off to clean our nasty ass bathroom. OK. bye.

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