Monday, April 4, 2005

The last few weeks

So, let me tell you about the last three weeks. My mind is a complete blur. As you know we went back East for a family vacation. I was very excited because Jeff had not been on vacation in three years. We were all going together. My parents, the girls, and Jeff and I. Of course I was nervous about all of us flying together but I made everyone do my ritual to ensure a safe trip. We touch the plane before we go on it. I know it sounds silly but I have always gotten off a plane safely when I touch the outside!! That was sort of nightmarish trip since we had a layover in Chicago.  The girls did well though. Alyssa slept and got a bit grumpy. She refused to touch the outside of the plane on the 2nd flight to Massachusetts so I had to push her into the side of the plane. I felt a little bad but not too bad after she stopped crying. That week was fun. And like I had mentioned before, we did get to see my Uncle Dennis on Sunday for a short time. He was very sick.  He knew he wasn’t going to be here long. He told me on that day but I “ pee-shawed” him. But the weird and strange part is Emma. She hates everybody pretty much and on that day when we saw him she held his hand walking to my cousins house. She probably didn’t remember him from the last time we saw him which was at my brothers wedding so it is a mystery on why she all of a sudden felt the need to hold his hand willingly. I need to say that one of my favorite memories of my uncle is when he and Jeff and I would play these pony races at the casino. It is a way cool game where you bet on these little electronic horse races. I also had a really nice time with him during my brothers wedding where we drove around looking for cigars for him. He was a good guy who LOVED Elvis and gave my daughters their birthday money on Elvis checks.

Anyway, that is that. We came home on March 22. That was my parent’s anniversary. 41 years IN A ROW! We celebrated by spending aprox 150 hours in various airports then driving home to a torrential downpour. Then the illness’s came. Jeff was sick, my mom was sick and the girls were kinda yucky too. We slept all day Wednesday. Jeff went back to work on that Thursday but my mom was still way sick. That Friday I took her to the hospital and she found out she had a kidney infection. Otis fell down so we took him to the vet. He fell again while he was there and done knocked himself out. He is ok now. And it may be our imagination but we think his lump is getting smaller. On Sunday we got the word that Uncle Dennis had passed so we made the arrangements to fly back to New York for the funeral on Thursday.

We flew in on Wednesday and spent the whole day sleeping. My mom was still really sick and had a hard time walking even short distances. On Thursday we went to the funeral and Friday my mom, Julia and I spent the day together and had an amazing time. I was a little bummed because Rachel Ray from 30 minute meals on Food network was signing autographs at the Williams Sonoma at the Time Warner building from 1-3 PM. We got there at 3 but she was already finished. I love her and think she is totally cute. I just wanted her picture.  On Friday night I got a call from Jeff saying that Emma had 103 temperatures and she was really sick and pukey. Nice. I had no choice but to release the “take care of it and make it better” responsibility to Jeff. He took her to quick care where she was diagnosed with a viral infection and pink eye. Yes, I said pink eye. My eyes are a little itchy today but shhhhhh, I am back at work again and let’s keep that our little secret. I took some of her drops just in case.  We left on Saturday and spent 14 hours in various airports. We were at the Newark airport when the pope was gravely ill. By the time we reached Atlanta he was dead. Bummer. I remember when he was placed in his position. I think I was 7 or 8. So now we are back and I don’t know what time it is. This “Spring forward” crap is really throwing me for a loop. I have been in so many time zones that I wasn’t really surprised when at 6 pm last night I got incredibly sleepy.   But like I said. I am back at work and it feels good to get back in the groove. March was pretty crappy for me. April has a lot of pressure to be a good month.

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